Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Transfers... Feb 1, 2016: Charlie is headed to Savannah, Georgia

Well how are Y'all doing this week?
Well this week went by super fast! 
Monday we had such a wonderful time. We went to Macon and got to see where parts of 42 where filmed! It was so cool!! I had a fun time taking pictures! Also we went to a few other places bu things went great! After our P-Day Ended we had Family Home evening with John and Briana! Also we played clue! That was fun and near the end. One of the Elders went and used the restroom and Dixie opens the door and then the Elder says " Dixie what the Frick?" Dixie then comes by Sister Goade and I and says I'm Scared. Briana of couse says, "There's a lock." We all start laughing! It was a very funny night. 
Tuesday we had District meeting. It was Elder Hiller's last one. So we had our trainings and closed with a prayer and then we started Elder Hiller's Funrell. It was so funny! 
After that we had exchanges with the Warner Robin Sisters. I went again to Warner Robins! It was so much fun. I met amazing people again. It is so cool how others teach! Time went by so fast! I couldn't even believe it. 
Wednesday we went tracting, saw Briana and Charles and the Sinclars! That was so much fun. We just did our normal missionary work. 
Thursday we talked with Ms.Hoyt on the phone. Trying to catch up on things that we missed. We saw Briana again and tried a lot of others. It just didn't work how we planned it. We had the Finlinsons come out with us and we saw Sister Upshaw and Connie. It was so much fun. Before we left to head out. The Elders said they would bike because we where really short on miles. Elder Finlinson said that he was in charge so they could take our car for the night. After Connie's we waited for the Elders with the Finlinsons because they had our house key. While we where waiting hey gave us a gift. A Georgia neckalace with our birthstone and a C for me. They also gave a birthday card. It was just wonderful. 
Friday we had our Weekly Planning! So we updated everything making sure it looked great because we didn't know if we may get transferd or not. Well later that evening we talked to Paulette and Shandora and when we went in we started planning for the next day and we heard a knock at the door. So I went and opened it and it was President and Sister Cottle. They went out with the Elders and Sister Cottle wanted to say hi to us before they went home. It was so much fun. 
Satuday we talked to a few people. One who has been so prepared. We also went to see Ms.Fannie and she started singing to us. It was just the best! Then we went to see Sister Lackey, then Sister Upshaw and Bill and Bernice. 
Well We found out who is staying and who is leaving! Well I am leaving Forsyth. I really loved it here. It truly is a wonderful area! I loved it so much! 
Sunday was church and guess what 5 minutes before it started Brother Phillips comes up to me and says" Our 2nd speaker isn't coming." I thought for a moment and said to my self I can't give a 10 minute talk with only 5 minutes to prepare. Then he went on and said that he had one of the Elders talking for a bit and then he would have me bear my Testimony because I was leaving. Well I told me I would love to. 
Well just to say I totaly cried. But that happens. Also I lost it in the closing prayer; knowing that I truly was leaving and that I probally wouldn't be in a group ever again. 
Well we did a lot of saying good byes. Well our mission is doing something different and they aren't doing transfer meetings anymore. We just pick up our companion and then go to our new area. So they let us know what stake out of 5 we are going to be in. Well just to say I am going to be in the Savannah stake!! Woot woot! 
So next week I will let you know who my companion is going to be and what area I will be serving in. I sure do love y'all. 

Doctrine and Covenants 88:126
Pray always, that ye may not faint, until I come. Behold, and lo, I will come quickly, and receive you unto myself. Amen.

Elder Bednar Pray Always October 2008 General Conference 
Prayer becomes more meaningful as we counsel with the Lord in all of our doings, as we express heartfelt gratitude, and as we pray for others.

I love all y'll! I hope wonderful things happen this week for you. 
Have the best day of your entire life.

Charlie and Sister Goade...she is really going to miss her!

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