Monday, June 27, 2016

Albany, Georgia- 27 June 2016

Hey All y'all, 
Well things are going great here in Albany Georgia!! We went to this ladies house and we helped her get  to know her I Pad better. We watched spiritual videos it was so amazing. She told us this what what she needed. Just to say Sister Walker and I put 3 people on date. It was so cool, because sister Walker knew they are ready. So when she asked them the question the mom just started crying. You could really feel the spirit in the room. 
So on Tuesday we had a wonderful meeting with President and Sister Cottle. The sad thing was it was their last meeting with us. After words we got to give them a hug. When I hugged President Cottle it was like getting a hug from my dad. It was so touching. I will never forget it. Of course after hugging the Sisters were just crying. But we did take pictures before the hugs. Well just to say things are going to go well. 
You want to learn something new. Think of a Kit Kat. So the word Kat stands for (Gospel reason) 
Keep the Commandments
Always Remember Him
Take his name upon us. 

So cool Right. Learned it from Sister Walker. 
I just want to say.. There is another McCulloch out!! Shout out to my younger Brother Elder (Jack) McCulloch. He left to the MTC on June 22, 2016. So cool to think he is out. So many times I thought of like; "Jack is doing this right now or He is at a meeting, etc. 
So Just to say we went to Blackly that day as well. Just to say it is was amazing to have a member come out with us. It was about 50ish miles one way. So crazy. But hey it was so worth it. Well things went great. we saw a few people and taught this family of all girls the Plan of Salvation. I really love teaching this Lesson. It really strengthns my Testimony because I know I will see my Dad again. That he is doing the same thing what I am doing. I also know that they watch over us. Helping us along the way to make those right choice; so we can come back to them again. 

You want to know what is crazy. Sister Walker and I planned for week 3. Wow time sure does fly by.  Also it is getting hotter and hotter. So the summer in Georgia is coming back. I sure do hope things go well.

I hope y'all have a wonderful week. Thanks for all you do. Have the best day of your entire life. You are amazing!! Remember Who you are and what you stand for! 

"We must live by Faith not Fear." - Elder Quentin L. Cook
“All who call on God in true faith will certainly be heard.”—Martin Luther
“When you go to comfort and serve anyone for the Savior, He prepares the way before you.” —Henry B. Eyring