Monday, June 22, 2015


Hello y'all!!! 

This is a crazy week! Well I am being transferred, we are being whitewashed. It is so hard and I don't really want to leave, but it's okay because it's meant to happen! I really enjoyed being here and learning and growing from the people I got to serve! The Ward isn't happy about us leaving, we jus got sisters back and now they are taking them away, it's so hard! 

We got the call on Saturday afternoon from our mission president, he left s voicemail telling us to call him, so we did and he said "Sisters, your both leaving your area, you need to pack up, we have Elders coming in" My mouth dropped and I said "What!?!?" Side note.....we have 5 progressing investigators on date, one this weekend. I  can't tell you what was going through my mind. It is hard leaving my first area, I love the people here! So so much! I am really going to miss our investigators! Looking at the glow in their eyes after teaching them made missionary work so much fun! they are amazing and I can't wait to see them again! 

I don't have any idea of where I am going but, tomorrow we will know where I am going and who my companion is. The suspense is real. We have a transfer meeting and all those that are being transferred will meet together, and then we get paired up with our new companions and head to our new areas! 

Church was great though, I learned so much! Some stuff I wanted to share was; we want to be around people who inspire us. As we strive to share the gospel of everyone we will be blessed and be able to bless someone else's life. Make a difference in the world by what we do and say, we are all representing Jesus Christ. As a missionary it can be hard to know where to go and where to be directed but as we pray  for help and guidance on where to be led and guided and directed God will help us. We want to look and pray for opportunities to serve God's children each day. 

District meeting was super great as well! When you pray for guidance and strength we are able to access the enabling power of the atonement. Let me give you a commitment,  make your weaknesses your strengths! I promise it will help strengthen your relationship and love for the Gospel! Believe in yourself because God stands right beside us through it all! 

As we exercise our faith we will learn to be obedient. We want to exercise righteously because we want and have the desire to! Think about how you can strengthen your testimony and your faith in Jesus Christ, just remember that faith is an action verb and we have to act in order to strengthen our love and relationship with him. 

Something I focused on this week is how We need to study with a purpose or with a subject in mind, it doesn't matter what you study, just as long as you actually study, no shortcuts, no secrets! We need to experience the Spirit and not have a check list!! When we as missionaries study for our investigators it makes our studies so much more meaningful! One other important key to studying the Scriptures is listening, it's not about the quantity but the quality! How ready are we to receive the blessings heavenly father wants and try's to gives us through reading our scriptures?

Look up, get up, & never give up!! 

I love you and hope you have a great week!
Kallie and her district

Louie Lou

My companion and I spent the whole night in the bathroom. Vomiting and with terrible diarrhea. (I'm sparing you the gory details--trust me!) I guess I am still not used to the fruits here I guess.... But because I'm not functioning properly, I will do my quick copy-and-paste emails and wish you all the best week! :)

"Our week was interesting. We had a really cool lesson on Thursday where an investigator who wasn't all that positive (She's a viejita that assists a different church....) had a really interesting dream the Sunday before when we took her grandson to church. She said that she was half-awake when we came to the door to pick up Fernando, but we didn't enter the room alone. There was this tall, white man with us--white as in Gringo, but also dressed in white. He just shined, she said. And she told us that she knew it was revelation from God telling her that He....anda con nosotras? do I say that.....He is with us? Anyway. She thought it was the coolest thing ever and ended up committing to come to church with us. She ended up not coming, but allowed her grandson to, so we'll get her next week! But that's not the best part.

Saturday rolls around and we went with one of the mujeres jovenes that lives nearby to have a lesson with the grandson and this lady. We talked about the importance of coming to church and taking the Sacrament--it was a great lesson!--until a neighbor stopped by. This lady goes to an iglesia evangelica and came in and started to say all kinds of "nice" things about the Church. She couldn't even say José Smith's name right! She said that we don't believe in God and that José Smith ("Mizmeet" as she would say.... :/) was a prophet of the devil. All sorts of terrible things like that--I thought my companion was going to have a cow. We've seen opposition as a companionship like this before, but not THIS bad. haha But everytime we tried to say something, she just cut us off. It got so bad that our investigator--this viejita who had had that cool dream the week before--started to defend the Church! I proud of her in that moment! I know that the Spirit is working on her. With time she will be able to make the decision to assist with us and will one day enter the waters of baptism. I know she will! As for our lovely visitor, she.....well....needless to say that she did NOT accept the invitation to be baptized on the 18 of Julio. I just pray that her heart will be softened and the missionaries in the future can find her and help her distinguish between the lies of others and the actual truth. 

I love her anyway. And I know Heavenly Father does too. She even prayed for us, President! She came and touched our heads and arms and blessed us with safety and that the bad men on the street will leave us alone and she said something about "falta de respeto...." I hope she wasn't referring to us. Because we did NOT have a falta de respeto! Maybe she was asking forgiveness for the falta de respeto that she had shown to us.... A saber. But all I can say is that this mujer joven that came with us was just......peeved with this lady. She shared her testimony, too, and as we left, we talked about how grateful we are to belong to the one and only true church of Jesus Christ.

I love Heavenly Father. I love Jesus Christ. I am grateful to José Smith for being a worthy instrument in the hands of the Lord to be able to restore Christ's Church again on the earth today. I would be ever so lost if I didn't have the guide of this gospel in its fulness. All that I am and all that I will be is because a boy of 14, went into the woods to pray, and I decided to do the same. Tal vez I didn't go to the woods, but I have prayed and I have received that witness. It is because of that witness that I am here. I love being able to invite everyone to do the same each and every day and to act on that answer to receive His blessings."

I love and pray for you all. :) Thanks for being such a great support for me.

Love Always,

Hermana McCulloch

Charlie Bug

Hey Everyone!!!
Well This week was super Crazy!!!! 
Had a meeting on Thursday in Macon, and another in North Augusta. 
The meeting on Thursday is what I learned in Salt Lake, 1st Transfer meeting. 
It was super fun. It was great to come back together and see the MTC District of Macon Georgia again!! 

My Toe is getting better!! found out that I had a little hole in the inside of my shoe at the top!! 

Well the meeting on Friday was Zone conference. It was super fun. Sister Miller and I had a rode trip up there. We left at 6:20 and arrived at8:20. It was a very long day. we got back around 9 because we stopped and ate dinner. 

Well just to say I have watched meet the Mormons about 3 times this week and it has been really cool!! 
We watched it with Less actives and an investigator. 
I really love it!! I finally got the chance to watch it!! 

Well I hope everyone's week went well!! 
Thanks for all you Do!! 

This is the picture of the ones that came out with me!! Have a wonderful day!!
Inline image 1

Monday, June 15, 2015


Hola !
Hermana McCulloch had no time this week to write so she says hi and sends her love.  Next week she'll have the miraculous story of this week's baptism.  She also hopes to have a picture to add.  She said the computers in her area need a lot of help and that all her time went to reading emails.
Thank you for writing her.  I know how much she enjoys hearing from everyone.
Have a great week!


Hey Y'all 

So This week is Week 4!! Wow it was crazy just to plan for week 4 was so strange!! 
Well just to say this week was a little died!! Nothing much happen. 
The worst thing but probably not the cool thing was I got a ingrown toenail that my companion thinks might me infected. But we called the nurse in our mission and she told me to soak it in warm water. So I believe everything is going to be okay!! 
But running is going to have to pause for a little while. :( But it is for the better!!) 

Well we had a zone Training meeting!! During our break we shoot free throws and who ever makes it gets to be in the next round to win the Prize. Well I got out the first round. Everyone knows my basketball skills are not the best!! 

Well just saying on Saturday we went and helped a less active family weed their flower garden. Wow I have never have dripped off sweet before in my life until then. It felt gross. 
I was super excited to help weed and see a great improvement. Well things are going great in this little small town. 

Well this week is going to be a crazy week. Thursday and Friday have meeting and traveling to the meetings all day. I will tell you how it goes there. 

Well I am learning lots and lots about my area each day I am here. 
The branch here really wants a ward. They are having a missionary fireside on the 28 and we are speaking at it. To let the branch really get excited about missionary work and want to help us find someone to teach. 

Well I hope everything is going great where ever you are in the world. 
Have a great week!!! 

Matthew 25 is a great chapter to read to help us get ready/ be ready for the 2nd coming. Especially the story of the 5 wise and the 5 foolish!! I sure do love that parable!! Well have a great week!!

Love ya all!!!! 
Have the best week of your entire life!!! 


What a week, what a week!!!

I don't know what it is, but when we have a bad week, the next week seems to be so much better! Pray for miracles and you will receive miracles!!

Tuesday was a really interesting day, we met someone named Ava! She requested a Bible in really excited to go give it to her and be able to explain the restoration. Little did we know she would bible bash with us, it was an intense conversation!! She told us how there are only two spirits on earth, Satans  spirit and Jesus Spirit! If you follow Jesus Christ you have the spirit but if you don't then you have the Devils. It was really awkward! We told her how we all have a spirit and it's our spirit and she said no, you don't have a body, your nothing because it's Jesus Spirit and he can take it away.  I stopped her in the middle of her rant and told her to stop, I told her "if you don't believe in what we share then that's fine, we are only here to share what we have to say and its your choice to accept it " she continued to tell us how wrong we were and that she feared for our lives! She asked If she could pray for us and we said yes, she started to raise her hands and yell loud and said that she wants the devil shaken out of us, I started busting up laughing, in the middle of the prayer and couldn't control myself, after the prayer was over she look at us and said, the job is done!  We left with our testimony with her and said If she was interested she could call us, it won't happen! 

Sunday was the best day ever! Not just because it was church but  because of what happened and the spirit that was there. During Sunday school we were able to talk about baptism, we broke up into groups and I was paired up with one of our investigators Kimberly! The question that she had is Why are we baptized? I had her turn to 2 Nephi 31 and as she read she started to tear up, she read 2 Nephi 31:13 and said that that was the verse!  The verse says "
13 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, I know that if ye shall follow the Son, with full purpose of heart, acting no hypocrisy and no deception before God, but with real intent, repenting of your sins, witnessing unto the Father that ye are willing to take upon you the name of Christ, by baptism--yea, by following your Lord and your Savior down into the water, according to his word, behold, then shall ye receive the Holy Ghost...." She turned to me with a tear in her eye and said that feels like she is having that change of heart, That She is doing what God wants her to do! 
It is amazing to see how god has prepared her and the change she has made in her life!! We are so so so excited for her and the choice how to be baptized!! 

We were on the exchanges this week and we were able to have so many experiences, we taught so many children of God! And help bring many people closer to Jesus Christ! The exchange was almost over and. we were going to get in contact with one of our potential investigators,  before it was too late , her neighbor was getting out of her car,  we decided to say hello to her and start a conversation with her. Can't recognize us as representatives of Jesus Christ! We were able to discuss the Book of Mormon and that it can bless our lives,  she said she has one but has never read it before, she said that she wants to read it and would love us to come and read with her! Yes!!! She is golden!! As we were leaving, she was pulling food out of her car and her daughter said mom there are no biscuits in here, and she was planning on eating biscuits!  And the best southern voice possible she said "we drove 45 minutes no biscuits!?!? oh you better believe it when I get back in the house I am going to call them! That is not right!" Oh my goodness I was dying of laughter!!! 

It truly is a great blessing to be able to be a missionary! Even through all the crazies and rough people! It's hard work but it's definitely worth it! I still have no idea what I am doing but,  two people can do anything if one of them is the Lord! I have held onto that saying since the beginning of my mission! 

I have learned so much and grown so much and I am still continuing to grow and learn! It's the best and I love every minute of it! Even through all the fears and tears, I am being molded and shaped the way God wants me to be! 

Scripture of the Week: Mosiah 24:16 "And it came to pass that so great was their faith and their patience that the voice of the Lord came unto them again, saying: Be of good comfort, for on the morrow I will deliver you out of bondage." I love this scripture because it teaches, that if we have that faith in Jesus Christ that all things will be okay, just because we are having a hard time, doesn't mean that we need to blame God for what happens, we will be okay, God will help us and lift us up out of our trials and our difficulties! Trust in God 24/7! He is there to help you and to lift you up through everything! 

Story of the Week: 
I wanted a watermelon today and well....I was knocking on a watermelon to decide which one was good or not, as I was knocking and picking them up and putting them down, a little girl stared and me and said " Mom....Why is she knocking on a watermelon..." And with a stare in her face looked at me as if I was crazy! All I wanted was a good watermelon and this watermelon is good!! Knocking pays off!!! ;) 

I hope you have a blessed week!! Sure love y'all!

Sister McCulloch 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy news...

                             Lonnie and Kallie both had baptisms this happy dance!!!!


When Ben was serving in Michigan, Elder Bednar spoke to both Michigan missions.  He told them that counting baptisms, comparing missions, aspiring to leadership callings, and bragging of any sort regarding any of these is priestcraft and they ought not to be doing this.  So with that said, we are NOT keeping a tally or bragging...we are CELEBRATING!!!  (This is the first time during Lonnie's mission that she has allowed me to share this news.  She has always been super sensitive about this because it was so hard for her dad.  He'd listen to his brothers and friends talking about all their baptisms and because he didn't baptize anyone felt like the biggest loser.)

  "And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!"
                                             Doctrine and Covenants 18:15


Hey Ya'll 

This week has been super amazing!!! 
After shopping I had my umbrella( the Utah kind) We walked right out in a big rain storm. So I used mine and it broke in half!!!
I believe my umbrella wasn't built for Georgia rain!!! 
I was socked half way!! my Right side was wet and the left side of me was dry. It was crazy!!! 

The rained reminded me of the rain we got in Nebraska but more harder!! 
We went out with some of the members. They decided to stop to get a soda. So we stopped and we found out that there was a reason why we needed to be there at that time. We found out someone who had questions about Where we came from why are we here and where are we going after life?? Wow that is super crazy. We grabbed her number and have an appointment with her this coming week!! 
It rained again!!! But I used an umbrella that a missionary left!! It was stronger then mine. 

We went out with another member and had taught someone who we went to the wrong house a week ago. and found her. 
Well she is super amazing. We taught another family. We taught the plan of salvation. We had the little kids draw the plan of salvation as we went. 
Afterwords we were done it poured rain again and we rain to the car because we forgot our umbrellas.

We went to the food pantry and did service for a couple of hours. We helped them out by making sure the families that came in got what they needed. Also that night we checked the mail and I saw my name and I was super excited but when it came closer I saw  it was a medial card. I was a little sad!!! I thought I was getting a letter from a family member, but I was wrong!! 

We had a lot of lessons. We worked with Less actives. 

Saturday We helped decorate for someone's 50th Anniversary Surprise Party!! 
It was really fun!!! They thought that the ward was there for a lesson. But they said   We really super prized them. 
I hope ya'll have a wonderful week!!! 
Charlie and her companion...aren't they cute????


Well, family and friends!

This week will be a quickey. We are still seeing miracles, despite not being able to work in our area full-time for 2 weeks. Cute little Hector Javier was baptized this Saturday and confirmed yesterday. His grandpa now wants to hear the discussions as well. So now we begin the journey....well.....continue....that process of uniting the whole family. His grandma, Mirna, is SO happy to have her family members finally have that desire to know the truth she knows. :)

I am still increasing in love for our investigators. One of them is our age and studies at the university in San Salvador. Her name is Kate and from the very moment I first met her, I knew I was here for her family. Yesterday when we went to visit her, she shared the sad news that her grandfather is very ill and is approaching death. Because of the things I have experienced on the mission, I could testify to her of God's plan and provide the comfort and support she needed. 

I am so grateful for every challenge that we face and expecially for those that I've had thus far in my life. I could not have the knowledge that I have now of God's love and His infinite and perfect Atonement if it weren't for the hardships in my life. I love my Savior and I love serving as a special witness of Him here in this blessing country of El Salvador (and Belize!). I will forever remember and cherish these moments here.

HAve a wonderful week and look for God's hand in your daily lives! It's there!

Love Always,

Hermana McCulloch


We are on the front lines of the battle between good and evil! Moroni 8:6 says" And now, my son, I desire that ye should labor diligently, that this gross error should be removed from among you; for this intent I have written in this epistle." 

We need to not cease to Labor diligently! We HAVE to have the faith and the testimonies that will keep us protected from the adversary! Satan is attacking us from the front and not hiding anymore, he knows that our time is near and that the Savior is coming again soon! We need to be prepared, we need to do all we can to get ourselves back to our Heavenly Father. We not only have to get ourselves to Heaven again but also those around us, Our friends, neighbors and family! WE all want to make it back to him again don't we? 

As a missionary its been hard to figure out who is ready to hear the Gospel and who isn't ready to hear the Gospel. We learned in Zone Meeting that we don't want to waste our time with people who only play with the hook, but don't actually bite it. We need to be hunters and fishers of men and help get the chosen and the elect back to God again! Doing that we need to be spirit led, fight for those that are ready and real those that are ready in! We have to love the work, its a choice and you you have to choose to be happy! Pray for strength to endure to the end and be able to find those that are ready, those that want to hear the gospel and those that want to progress! 

The one thing that really stood out to me was Sister Cravens analogy of a Frying pan! She said that sometimes we have a small frying pan, and we at times have big plans but they won't all fit in our frying pan so we throw them away and go with something else. A question she asked us was "How often do we throw way our big plans? We need to throw away our small pans and expand to a skillet, expand our vision and apply and grow in a bigger plan with a larger vision! :D WE should be prepared to keep the changes we have made and be prepared to make more changes. We need to Be worthy and STAY worthy! "I can't do perfect but I can do faithful" Trust in God, Make those big plans because the future is only as bright as your faith!

It was an all around great week! I love sharing the gospel and love bringing people closer to Christ. It means a lot when I am able to see the light of Christ spark inside people and help them find it and keep it! WE have 6 investigators and all of them have a baptismal date! One of them I would like to touch on is Leonardo and Arlenny Dejesus they are just amazing! I don't know if I told ya'll but we came home from our appointment and at 9:10 we were going inside but saw them taking groceries out of there car and had a feeling that we should go and help them. As we asked them if we could help the little boy Darian said "YES, please help!" The dad (Leonardo) looked a little embarrassed said that we could help them out and we took the steps to the third floor and helped them take there groceries inside. We were able to make a connection with them and be able to introduce ourselves and talk about the importance of families. We left them with a restoration pamphlet and they allowed us to come back. We came back and shared the restoration and extended a baptismal invitation to the both of them and they both accepted and are now on date! They are loving what we are teaching them and they are progressing really well. We are so very grateful that we followed the spirit and went and helped them. If we didn't I don't know if we would have ever met them, or that we would of had such an amazing experience. I LOVE missionary work!!! 

Scripture of the Week: John: 1:3 "All things were made by him' and without him was not anything made that was made!"  Everything we have is because of Our Savior Jesus Christ! We need to NEVER settle for anything less or that is not ideal with HF and his teachings, we need to elevate our vision and elevate our vision with Gods vision! If the Lord extends an invitation for you to change, you better act upon it! 

Quote of the Week: "We can all sing together but we can't all talk at the same time" Elder Parker. We had stake conference this Week and the emphasized a lot on the family. He said "The family is worth fighting for, we fight for the work of the dead so lets fight for the work of the living." Our communication is constant change, we need to be unspotted from the world and help those we love back on the path again!

Awkward Moment of the Week: Sunday night we were walking back to our apartment and with all the humidity we weren't looking too good. A vehicle pulled up and all these men got out to go to there house. We walked past them and one of them said "Hey,hey" Well.. I guess he was talking to us and we turned around and he said "You too are SO beautiful" In my head I was thinking you must be blind because that is so not true. Sister Christensen immediately said thank you and I said "Congratulations on Graduating" to the person who graduated, just to change the subject of the awkwardness that just occurred. 

I hope ya'll have a great week and continue to press forward with faith, and stay focused! This world is FULL of distractions at every corner.

God Bless!!! 

Sister McCulloch 

Kallie with Sister Craven...they match!  :)

Kallie and Sister Fallon on splits

Kallie and her companion

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hospital Stay for Lonnie

Lonnie's companion has been in the hospital this past week so Lonnie has been hanging out with her. She only sent me an email this week: no mass email.  She sounds good and upbeat considering she's been stuck in the hospital.  She didn't say why her companion has been hospitalized and when they are leaving the hospital.

Here are a few excerpts:
Just wanted to let you know, even though I was in the hospital--two hours away from our area, I still was teaching the gospel. Over the phone. In fact, miracle of the week! One of our investigators, Hector is his name, will be getting baptized this weekend! We have been praying and fasting like crazy that his father will give him permission to be baptized, and finally his grandma (who is a member) called us up to tell us that he finally signed on Tuesday! :D Yeah, yeah! And I had a couple of other really exciting lessons with a few of our investigators who are progressing to making the same step.

It sure is an exciting time in the Santa Eugenia! We are seeing miracles everyday--no matter where we are and each and every day is just strengthening my testimony that I need to be here. Changes is next week though, so I am hoping and praying that I get to stay!

Kallie from the Hood

Kallie is hilarious.  Some of my favorite memories of her are her rapping "I am a Child of God" and "Pants on the Ground" alone and with Lonnie.  I can hear her voice in this email and I've had a hard time not laughing.  She is our drama queen extraordinaire and she'd be working this with all she's got.

Here's her weekly email:
Hey Ya'll!!!! 

I have been working on my Ebonics. Tell me how I'm doing. Maybe after this I will be put in the Ebonics program! So as you read this try to do it in your best Ebonics voice! 

Hope you all hada bumpin week! It's awl good in da hood here in Winston-Salem.  We be havin miracles like nobodies binniz.  My girl Kimberly  is boutta be baptized by da powa ah da priesthood! 
So one day we be driving a lot, preachin da gospel and if we drive too much we gunna get a phone call and be like: "rang, rang. You be drivin too much. We ain't got miles fo all dat." And den they be lecturing us and it woulda bin awl baaaaad. Ain't nobody got time fo dat. So we took da bus but surprise it be raining so we bike  And den we be drenched. Luckily we had da ca so we could go fa. #blessed. 
And den we be goin home from our appointment and it be gettin dark. And errybody know the weirdos be comin out at night. So we be bookin it home. 

It was a pretty good week! I love the fact that we are able to teach the gospel and help people come closer to him. We taught lesson after lesson and we were able to set five baptismal dates and they all said yes! Boo yeah! Party house! We be preaching the gospel and bringing people closer to christ! 

We also had some conference and we were able to learn more about how to give good talks. We also learned about how to be the first one in, standing firm and being the last one out! It was really great! Mae learned about the importance of trusting in God and living by gods standards. It is as so so good. I will share more about it next week. Ran out of time today.....p day keeps you so busy!!!!

I don't really have much to say, other then missionary work is going great, and i am loving being a missionary! The church is true and I know that God answers prayers. He here's us even in our hardest times, he has answered my prayers countless times. 

Scripture of the week: doctrine and covenants 121:7-9 God is always here for us, and with us no matter what he will help us through it all! Trust him and we will be okay! 

I hope ya'll have a great week! Remember who you are and what you stand for! 

God bless! 

Until next week! 

Sister McCulloch 

Charlie with President and Sister Cottle

The Cottles are Charlie's new mission presidents.  They are from Logan.  President Cottle is a former Stake President of the Logan Utah Stake and is much beloved here in Logan.  He is also good friends with Charlie's former mission president, President Chambers.  It's such a small world, isn't it?!

                                                     Charlie with Pres and Sis Cottle

Of all the places Chuck and I have lived, Georgia is my hands down favorite.  We loved Georgia.  As you can tell by the picture, it's a beautiful place!  I can't wait for Charlie to send me pictures of the magnolia trees and dogwood trees in bloom.  It takes your breath away!  Will have to wait a few months, though.  :)

She wants to twang...

Charlie is loving Georgia.  Her letters and emails home are so cute.  Her enthusiasm and joy just jumps off the page which would explain her being all over the place with her thoughts.  I would love to be more like her...maybe someday.  We definitely love our Miss Mary Sunshine! Her letter to me said she really wants to her brain...even though she tries hard not to.  Silly girl! She's in the South...EVERYBODY twangs!  Here's this week's email:

Hey Yall, 

Well just to say I am loving Georgia!!! It is so nice to see how members work out here and help us find people to teach!!!!

Well this week has been a wonderful experience minus the bug bites all over my legs. 

Sister Miller is amazing!! I think I said last week that is was from LA. I put the wrong letter in. She is from Nevada, Los Vegas!!! So by Uncle Jeff just a little!!! 

I just want to say that I am so grateful to have a small branch because you get to know the members really well and have them help you find someone to teach. 

Well this week has been great!!! I am learning so much!!!! Learning a lot from my study!!! 

Also I noticed that the brother of Jared was the first one to see christ flesh!!! In Ether  it tells us that christ says that he hasn't shown his flesh to anyone yet!!! It was so cool to see that and to learn a lot from it!!!  

Well I hope yall have a wonderful week!!! Love you soooo much!!!