Monday, June 1, 2015

She wants to twang...

Charlie is loving Georgia.  Her letters and emails home are so cute.  Her enthusiasm and joy just jumps off the page which would explain her being all over the place with her thoughts.  I would love to be more like her...maybe someday.  We definitely love our Miss Mary Sunshine! Her letter to me said she really wants to her brain...even though she tries hard not to.  Silly girl! She's in the South...EVERYBODY twangs!  Here's this week's email:

Hey Yall, 

Well just to say I am loving Georgia!!! It is so nice to see how members work out here and help us find people to teach!!!!

Well this week has been a wonderful experience minus the bug bites all over my legs. 

Sister Miller is amazing!! I think I said last week that is was from LA. I put the wrong letter in. She is from Nevada, Los Vegas!!! So by Uncle Jeff just a little!!! 

I just want to say that I am so grateful to have a small branch because you get to know the members really well and have them help you find someone to teach. 

Well this week has been great!!! I am learning so much!!!! Learning a lot from my study!!! 

Also I noticed that the brother of Jared was the first one to see christ flesh!!! In Ether  it tells us that christ says that he hasn't shown his flesh to anyone yet!!! It was so cool to see that and to learn a lot from it!!!  

Well I hope yall have a wonderful week!!! Love you soooo much!!!

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