Monday, June 8, 2015


Hey Ya'll 

This week has been super amazing!!! 
After shopping I had my umbrella( the Utah kind) We walked right out in a big rain storm. So I used mine and it broke in half!!!
I believe my umbrella wasn't built for Georgia rain!!! 
I was socked half way!! my Right side was wet and the left side of me was dry. It was crazy!!! 

The rained reminded me of the rain we got in Nebraska but more harder!! 
We went out with some of the members. They decided to stop to get a soda. So we stopped and we found out that there was a reason why we needed to be there at that time. We found out someone who had questions about Where we came from why are we here and where are we going after life?? Wow that is super crazy. We grabbed her number and have an appointment with her this coming week!! 
It rained again!!! But I used an umbrella that a missionary left!! It was stronger then mine. 

We went out with another member and had taught someone who we went to the wrong house a week ago. and found her. 
Well she is super amazing. We taught another family. We taught the plan of salvation. We had the little kids draw the plan of salvation as we went. 
Afterwords we were done it poured rain again and we rain to the car because we forgot our umbrellas.

We went to the food pantry and did service for a couple of hours. We helped them out by making sure the families that came in got what they needed. Also that night we checked the mail and I saw my name and I was super excited but when it came closer I saw  it was a medial card. I was a little sad!!! I thought I was getting a letter from a family member, but I was wrong!! 

We had a lot of lessons. We worked with Less actives. 

Saturday We helped decorate for someone's 50th Anniversary Surprise Party!! 
It was really fun!!! They thought that the ward was there for a lesson. But they said   We really super prized them. 
I hope ya'll have a wonderful week!!! 
Charlie and her companion...aren't they cute????

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