Monday, July 25, 2016

Transfer Calls came in...I'm... Charlie, 25 July 2016

Staying with Sister Walker in Albany!!! I am so excited. It is going to be great!! 
Well just to say this week was pretty fun. Sister Walker and I had one of our investigators who had her interview for her Baptism for this up coming Saturday!! I'm so excited. Can't wait!!! 
Sister Walker and I did some walking around/ saving miles. 
We walked around Leesburg and thought this one house was really close. Just to say It was 1 mile away. A.K.A. we took the long way. But it was worth it. We had a very nice talk. 
After that we got to help the Activity Day Girls make a scripture case. I really enjoyed it. I felt like a little kid again. 
Sister Walker and I went to Blakely again. Just to say we always go see this lady and when ever we do it rains. So funny. Just to say we really got caught in some bad weather. The temperature dropped 20 degrees. Just to say it felt so nice. 
Saturday we had our Ward Pioneer Pinewood Derby!! It was so much fun!! Just to say I did one of the games and there was a cookie on my forehead and one of the members smashed it on my head. And then just laughed. It was so funny. 
After that we had our Transfer Calls. Just to say it was really cool. 
Just to say we had 149 people at church last Sunday. That is a record for Albany in the past months. Woot Woot!! 
Well we went to Cuthburt on Sunday. Saw a few people and came back and saw a sister in the ward. It was so much fun. We sang her some Hymns. 
Just to say I can't believe how fast my mission has gone. Just to say one of the Elders wrote on our white boards how many days I have left and all my personal goals to help me. 
Also excited news.... We are getting a set of new Elders. So Albany will have 6 missionaries!! So cool!! 
Also one of the Elders played the bagpipes for a member in the ward. Just to say the videos are awesome. 
I sure do love y'all. Thanks for all y'all do. Have a wonderful week. 
Also I am so grateful for the Pioneers for all they did. Having the courage to travel so many miles. Thought:  
"Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith."—President Thomas S. Monson
Be of good cheer, for we know the outcome, we know the truth; we know the Savior.”—Sister Mary G. Cook

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A fun, fun week: CharLynn, 11 July 2016

Hey all y'all, 
Well this week was so amazing. But first off I just want to say that I know that Heavenly Father watches over us. 
So after emailing y'all last week Sister Walker and I went contacted referrals again.. Just to say Salt Lake keeps calling us and telling us that we need to contact our Referrals. Just to say we have over 300 and the Elders have over 100. So just to say the Elders have bikes and we have a car. So we did what we could. So we tried some and we had some great lessons. It did rain for a bit. Just to say I was glad to be in the car when it did. That night one of our dear Friends Cher shot out fireworks for us. So this is July 5.. We had so much fun. Just to say I only got one bug bite. It was so cool.... 
So we met our mission President!!! President and Sister Grayson are amazing. I loved how we all got to talk to them one on one in a line. It was so cool. 
The funny part he asked if Sister Walker and I were the Sister Training Leaders. 
So later that day we taught one of our Progressing Investigators Family and followed up on the Law of Chasity. Also we had to push their date but they asked to push it which was awesome! Later that day we had Book of Mormon Class. It was so much fun. I just loved it. 
Saturday we have a big day. We left at 8 in the morning to head to Blakely. Just to say we where away from Albany for 13 hrs. It was a very long drive. Our GPS wanted us to leave our mission a couple of times which was funny. But Sister Walker knew what roads to take. So we had quit a few lessons. It was really neat. I just loved it. We taught a lot of Restoration lessons and about the Book of Mormon. So much fun. While we were driving home we had the thunderstorm right over our heads. The funny part it the service was going in and out on our phone so the elders were getting a little worried for us. But we got a call from one of our investigators and helped her out for a bit. She was so grateful. 
Sunday was crazy. Our plans for the day changed because we got dropped by someone and our appointments canceled on us. Later we found out that there was a thunder storm/ Tornado watch in the area we were at. But nothing bad happened which was wonderful. We just got rain for a bit. 
Later that night we had dinner with these cute older couple.. Just to say they invited me to come to their mission reuion in Septemeber. Funny. Also funny fact they had only been members for 9 years and got called to serve as Mission President and Wife in Idaho.  So cool!!!  He and his wife now are missionaries who take pictures for the church. So we has a couple of pictures of Sister Walker and I.. So we may be in the  ensign soon.... 

Doctrine and Covetants 84: 84-85 
84 Therefore, let the morrow take thought for the things of itself.
85 Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man.
88 And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.
89 Whoso receiveth you receiveth me; and the same will feed you, and clothe you, and give you money.
90 And he who feeds you, or clothes you, or gives you money, shall in nowise lose his reward.

Sister CharLynn McCulloch

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Albany, Georgia!!! 5 July 2016

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!! (late) 
You probably figured it out why I am emailing today and not yesterday. Yep all the library's were closed so we couldn't email! I am so grateful for those who fought for our country! They have truly have blessed my life. I will always be grateful for my Grandpa Dibble's Dad and Uncle for all they did in the wars! They truly have helped me out in my own life. 
Last week after email Sister Walker and I went to see someone who could only meet on Mondays during the day. So we went and it went well. She is a Pastor. Funny thing she order a book of Mormon. We think she may preach with it. But hey it was so awesome to see her. After that someone from California wanted us to find a less active in our ward. So we did that. Didn't find her and then we where about to finish our p-day and we found out that we had a dinner with the Bishop which we didn't even know. It was super crazy. He has a dog name Scooby. I thought it was so cool. Just to say we drive up to his house and there are signs that read. KEEP OUT!! 3x a BEWARE OF DOG. and PRIVATE PROPERTY. It was really funny. We called making sure it was the right house. Sister Walker then said . This could only happen at the Bishop's house. We came home after a long Monday and said to each other. "We didn't even have a p-day." So the week felt like a long week. But it really wasn't. 
So Tuesday I got asked to give a training in District meeting.  Well just to say the Elders took so long that I was voted to do it the last district meeting. Which there will be almost the entire Zone will be there. It is so crazy. We saw a few people and we went to the Relief Society Activity. Theme was.. What to do when the lights go out? It was so much fun. I really enjoyed it. We had yummy douche oven food. 
During the rest of the week we tried a lots of people. Working hard to contacting referrals. I have never had so many referrals in my life. But hey it is so much fun meeting new people each week. 
We taught our Investigator Briana and her sister Koolaide the 10 commandments. It was so much fun. I love doing it with the hands. It brings so much joy when others get it.
We had a meeting with our ward mission leader over the phone. That was really fun. We just sat on the floor having our meeting. 
Sunday was wonderful. You really could feel the spirit in the chapel when others bore their testimonies. Just to say we went out all day to a far area. It was so much fun. Sister Walker and I got free peach pie-homemade. Peaches, blueberries and tomatoes!!! 
Later that evening we came home and  we had a little alone time. So I just read quotes I got from my Cousin and I read one of them and it just got to me. I was just in tears and then the Elders called. Which was so random because they weren't the District leader. I just knew that I just needed to talk with someone for that moment. Then our district leader called and told us the plans for the week. Just to say.... He thought Sister Walker and I where sister Training leaders. I just laughed telling Sister Walker. 
So Fouth of July.... So it was lock down at 6. So Sister Walker and I  went to Cher's and played with Clay!!! So much fun. We had pizza and crazy bread. Then we came back home and watch a few church movies.. Also we had a mini firework show in our back window by our neighbors. It was so funny. 
Later that night we get a text from the Assistants reminding us about MLC.. It was so funny. We told them that they are the 2nd ones who have remained us about it and they we aren't Sister Training leaders. We then looked at each other and said maybe we need to be at MLC? then laughed. 
It was a wonderful week. 
I sure hope y'all have a wonderful week!!! 
Also this week we went fishing!! So much fun. We used Crickets as bait... And Yes I crabbed the Crickets with my bare hands. It was so much fun. I am doing things that I don't think I would ever do in my entire life. 
" Don't worry about how inexperienced you are or think you are but think about what with the Lord's help you can become." - Henry B. Eyring 
By the sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost as our constant companion, we can always retain a remission of our sins. - David A. Bednar 

I sure do love y'all so much. Thanks for all y'all do. Have a wonderful week!!!! Have the best day of y'alls entire week!!!