Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!!

Sounds like an interesting week.  Funny girl!  Good thing she's current on her immunizations.  :)

Well Hey Y'all, 
Well just to say this week started off good to bad but ended with off okay!! 
Well Monday we had a District P-Day Activity. We went to the park and played Soccer( and I only did a flip 1.), Football, kickball and duck duck goose!! Just to say it was so much fun playing duck duck goose. Never thought I would play that with the Elders! But it was fun!! 
Well in the evening it wasn't as we planned it. Something happened that we had to leave a house as soon as possible. Just to say it was really hard to write in my journal that night. 
Well Tuesday we had District meeting. Sister Goade looked and me and told me that she could see the stress in my eyes and asked if she could hold on to the phone for a bit. 
Well of course I gave it to her. 
District meeting went well. Learned a lot. We did get to know yous. Wow just to say as a district we are super close. 
Well after words we went to see Ms. Hoyt our Recent Convert who had back surgery. After words we went to a another Recent Covert and read a talk with her. It was super amazing! 
One of the members feed us and while we ate dinner we watched The Testaments!! I was telling myself I really wanted to watch that movie. And my wish came true. 

Wednesday we had exchanges! By the way we had Tornado watch all day!! Well it pored down rain!  Also I don't know how but I got a few more bites on my legs. I think the bugs in the south really love me. It is nice that they do but I don't like them making my legs look bad. I went to a Mexican place and got a yummy burrito! It was so good!! Then after words we go ice cream!! 
Thursday came back to my area and ate at Waffle house!! It was the best!!!! Well just to say we saw C_______ our deaf investigator. When it was time to say the prayer Sister Goade pointed at me and I told him no it is sister Goade's turn. He laughed. It was so fun!! 
Then we went to Briana's and I was with Dixie on the floor and you never would believe it! Her daughter Dixie bit me on the bum! I jumped just a little. Then Briana and Sister Goade look at me and ask did she bite you on the bum I said yes then they all started laughing.It was so strange. I couldn't believe it. A 3 year old did that to me. But you know me I just love little kids! They are just fun to me with. 
 Friday we had our Weekly planning session! You know how those things are! Well just to say after words we went out and had dinner with Shandora! It was super fun. We had Captain D's. I got the sea food plate!! It was so good!! 
Well after words we went out to see others with her. Well it came and we saw Ms. Hoyt! Then we saw our amazing neighbors! Just to say my nickname from them is Susie Q. I love it. Just to say they got their tree up! I just can't wait to put up ours. 

Saturday we just tried to see as many people as we could. We had a couple of people drop us! 
It was sad but we kept moving on. Well we had wonderful lessons. Well just to say I said my 4 prayer in ASL. Sister Goade told me that I used signs that ASL signers use. Just to say I don't know what I even did. But it was super cool!! 

Sunday it was church. We went to Visit Ms. Hoyt again and John, Briana, Dixie, The Elders and Shandora came. It as a little party in the room. Well just to say I was the one on the floor playing with Dixie. It was super fun to keep her entertained while the others where talking. I felt like I was babysitting again but babysitting in the south. I just had a fun time. 

Well just to say Ms. Hoyt also says Hi and Happy Turkey Day!! 

Alma 26:37
 Now my brethren, we see that God is mindful of every people, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people, and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy, and my great thanksgiving; yea, and I will give thanks unto my God forever. Amen.

I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I sure do love y'all!! 
Happy Thanksgiving! 
I am so grateful for that I am on a Mission! Helping others to come closer to Chrsit!! Also I am grateful for my Family and Friends and those I have met in my life so far. I hope Y'all have a wonderful day!

Also just to say Hank Smith is the best!! Love his talk Break up with the World!!!! (Thanks Sister Foster, I love it)!!!
Have the best day of your entire life! 
🎄By the way 32 days till Christmas!! 


This girl cracks me up.  She has such a flair for the dramatic!  I hope she writes a book one day. It'd be a bestseller!!!  And what is it with my girls and bike accidents?!

Hello Family!

This week was full of miracles! Sunday was by far my favorite day of
the week! But you have to hear the build up to why!

On Tuesday it is usually one of our busiest days of the week with teaching!

We did service for an old lady who isn't as active in church, she
started telling us that her lawn mower wasn't working so we got up and
helped her out. We got her lawn mower going and she was super
excited!!! she took off and started to mow her lawn and was smiling
and laughing the entire time! She told us how she was praying she
could get help from someone and we showed up! Miracles!!

S. Vos drove on the wrong sided of the road when we were on our way
home. It was late at night and we were both tired. There was a median
and we turned a road too soon! There was no car until last minute and
all of a sudden the car in front of us was wailing on there horn and
just stopped in the middle of the road, we couldn't get around her and
so we sat there and stared at each other. It was awkward, then she
started driving off so there was room for us to drive then she started
pointing to the other side of the Road and said " your suppose to
drive over there!" Thank you captain obvious, it was an accident!"

Gods Baby, background on her, she is a former investigator and when I
first brought her up, my companion said no to talking to her and said
that she was crazy, for the next few days after, I kept thinking about
her and just knew there was something I had to do for her, so we
texted her and asked her how she was doing, she was so happy to hear
from us and the relationship started from there. We were able to teach
her and eventually invited her to come to church, she immediately said
no because she had to babysit then I told her that she can bring the
grandkids with you, she was still saying no, but then that night she
texted us and said "God won't get you off my mind, I want to come to
church!" We both yelled and couldn't believe it!! God's baby was
coming to church!

We are trying to teach a Burmese family this week, it has been really
hard!!! They love us coming over though, they feel the spirit and I
guess that is what matters! We are hoping to have people come out with
us that speak Burmese or close to Burmese!

Thursday was Zone conference and we had the opportunity feeding the
homeless! During the meeting we learned about how strength comes in
numbers and about how the sabbath is a delight! It was such a
spiritual day! We learned that our great grandparents used to consider
Sunday the "holy sabbath" then our Grandparents considered it "the
sabbath" our parents considered it "Sunday" and now our generation
calls it the weekend! It is crazy to see how sabbath was part of our
spiritual and the actual creation and how society has decided to view
it today!  We also learned how the most important word in the English
dictionary is "Remember" because If we remembered Christ  always,
there would be no sin! We leaned that Sacrament meeting is one hour,
the savior asked his apostles to wait one hour, can we wait upon the
lord during that one hour, linked into that, sacrament is one
hour...can we wait one hour. It was a powerful connection!

That night we had a zone service we got to feed the homeless at YMCA
it was so enjoyable and lots of fun!! The joy that came to everyone's
face was really special!

Sunday!!!!! Today was the best day ever! So remember the old lady that
I talked about earlier? Well she came  to church and brought us
something she made for us! Apple dumplings! Another miracle, her LA
daughter came too and said she will be coming more often now! On our
way to church we Picked up gods baby (pearl) and she sang to us and
spoke in church!!! Introduced herself in RS by singing to them that
she was Gods baby!! I died laughing! We also had a referral who
requested a bible and who we never met come, a former investigator and
they both loved it!!

Church was really funny! As we were sitting in Sacrament Meeting, we
had a youth talking about obedience and how it will bless our life. It
was a really good talk! After she was done, gods baby shouted and
started to clap, it startled everyone and everyone stared at her and
us. It was hilarious and I am sure she felt embarrassed but she ended
up smiling and laughing about it all!

That night as we were going to our lessons my Bike tire popped on me
while riding! It was scary but, I didn't crash and help was on the way
for us, bike week ended really soon!

It was a really great week! I am excited for the miracles that will be
happening soon! Matthews is starting to tear it up!!

Quote of the week: Prayer is a privilege and the soul’s sincere
desire. We can move beyond routine and “checklist” prayers and engage
in meaningful prayer as we appropriately ask in faith and act, as we
patiently persevere through the trial of our faith, and as we humbly
acknowledge and accept “not my will, but Thine, be done." Elder David
A. Bednar

Ponderizer: 3 Nephi 13 :7-8

Love y'all! Have a blessed week!!

Sister McCulloch
She didn't say who this is, but Lonnie and I are guessing this is "God's baby."

Monday, November 16, 2015

9 months and a new transfer

Well Hey Y'all, 
Well just to say this was a fun week!!! 
So Monday we went out and where in a lesson with an old couple. We looked on the phone and saw that we had a missed call from Sister Cottle. Just to say I was freaking out just a little bit. Wondering Why she was calling us. 
Well found out that she was calling us because the Salt Lake City Temple Square Sister Missionary's Companion needed a place to stay on Tuesday night till Wednesday till she comes. 
Well just to say that was good! 
So all night we where packing for Sister Foster! It was going to be a different Transfer I can say! 
Well Tuesday came and it was Transfer day! So we dropped her off and Picked up a sister for the day! 
Well just to say it felt so weird at first but it went great at the end. 

I got to say this day was the best!!!! 
I had my 9 month mark!!! So crazy to think about that!! So just to say I burned 2 shirts and Kind of melted a small trash can that was going to the dump! It was funny!! The Elders helped us out with it. 
Thursday we had our Zone Conference and I gave a training! Went well! We went to the hospital to see one of our recent Converts who just had back surgery. Well she had a visitor who was a JW. So we pretended that we didn't know her but later on we called her to say that we love her. 
Okay so I am skipping a couple of days. 
Well just to say Saturday we went out with a member. We had 30 minutes left and decided to go to WalMart and give out 3 pass along cards! It was so funny! But it worked. 
Sunday I kind of got a little sick. I could feel it at the end of the night and when it came to our Daily planning session I was out cold on the ground. 
Sister Goade woke me up after an 1hr and helped me into my bed. Then in the morning told me that I must have been sick because I really needed that rest! 

Well just to say this Transfer has been great so far! I am just loving Sister Goade! She is the best!! 

Thought for the week:
Because you are His child, He knows who you can become......Because you are His child, you not only need Him, but He also needs you. Those sitting around you right now ...... need you. The world needs you, and your divine nature allows you to be His trusted disciple to all His Children.
Rosemary M. Wixom,Primary General Presient
I love y'all. I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for all you do! z
I hope you have the best day of your entire life. 
Talked to you next week...
Missionary work can be so exhausting
Sister Bitty Bug and Sister Goades

Families are Forever

 It was wonderful to skype with her on Tuesday night.  Truly a tender mercy.  We had had an exciting day that day with totaling our car, broken ribs and collapsed lungs and severe whiplash.  Seeing and talking to one of our missionaries was such a soothing balm to what could have been a very trying day.  We had a luau in Chuck's honor that night and it was a rocking good time despite our being pretty banged up.  So glad Sissy was able to be part of the celebration!

Hello fellow friends and family!

This week was an interesting week!

Tuesday was one tough day! We hit the year mark of Dad's death, it was
hard but I had great members and a mission president and his wife to
help me! After our studies my mission presidents wife showed up with
flowers and told me that she loved me and they were thinking of me!
They are the best, we are so blessed to have them! :) I am blessed to
have them in my life, and here on a mission! When Sister Alexander
left, we had someone knock on our door and it was a man with a big
bouquet of flowers for me. It was anonymous, I started to get tears in
my eyes , I felt so much love from everyone! Sister Jackson ended up
picking us up and took us to lunch, we then went to the store and I
got balloons, and attached a letter to the balloons and let it go in
the air. It was sentimental and I felt a connection and the  love of
my dad being so near. It was a moment I will never forget!!  Spending
time with the family at night was amazing! I love the gospel and most
of all the plan of salvation! We can and will live with our loved ones
again! It is an amazing promise we have been given from our loving
Heavenly Father!

The rest of the week was finding, and working with less active
members! On Wednesday we went and saw S. Blue she is a less active who
doesn't come to church because of her husband, he is a non member, but
he lets us come see her each week! She was telling us that she wants
to go to the temple but says she doesn't want to come to church, which
is contradicting if she wants to go to he temple! We will be working
with her that she will warm up and come!

Church was fantastic! I love church, especially this week!! It was the
primary program! This ward is just so cute!! Love them all! A lot of
them had attitude and a bunch of sass! But, it was so cute! But I had
a couple of members from Harrisburg show up! Oh my gosh my entire life
was made! S. Reid and S. Larson came! They are some of my favorite
members and I was tickled pink when I saw them!! I I miss Harrisburg
so much! But, there is a purpose for being in Matthews or else I would
still be there!

President Alexander and Sister Alexander came and spoke to our ward
council that night, they helped them understand our purpose as
missionaries and how they need to pick it up and help us! They seemed
excited but, I am hoping it soaks in and they help out, it would make
work so much easier and less stressful!

Scripture/Ponderizers of the week: 2 Timothy 4:7

Quote of the week: there is a great article I found on this
morning! I wanted to share a snip it!
"If you are struggling, confused, or spiritually lost, I urge you to
do the one thing I know will get you back on track. Begin again to
prayerfully study the Book of Mormon and live its teachings every day,
every day, every day!"

My dear friends and family, the Book of Mormon is such a powerful tool
in our lives and if it isn't we need to apply it and make it important
to us! It can answer our prayers and is a great way to communicate
with God!

I love you all so very much! Thank you for your constant prayers and
love you have rendered to me!
Have a blessed week!

Sister McCulloch
Bless the kind souls who thought of my daughter and reminded her that God is mindful of her and loves her.

Absolutely LOVE that grin!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Well this week has been so crazy!! Full of Smiling and Crying!! 

Monday it Rained all day!! We stayed in after we wrote emails till Pepration day was over! Then we went out and did some missionary work like always!! Well the sad thing was we didn't get to see a lot of people because we came to an area and were about to talk to someone and then we smelled someone doing drugs!! So we left! 
Tueday it Rained again!! 
We had a lesson before we went to a meeting!! It as so amazing! He is so prepared!! 
Well we went off to District meeting and had just an amazing one! So it was out last one for the Transfer! After District meeting we took pictures! They are just the best!! Our district really was great!! 
We saw a RC and helped her with the Piano! Super fun!! Also we talked with one of our Investigators who was on date for this week!! 
Wednesday it rained again! Got to l love Georgia Rain! 
We filled out a Baptism Record for our investigaor, and her Program!! It super fun!! 
Well later that night!! An older couple wanted their Christmas Tree up!! I got so excited!! You should have seen me. I was juming up and down! It was just so happy to help!! 
Friday!!! Friday was a Crazy Day!! Of course we had our Mission Leadership Council! That was a very long day! We learned a lot of things of how we can help our mission out!! And make it memoriable! Well after we had our meeting we had Ms. Hoyt's Baptism Inverview!! So exciting! 
Well of course everything went fine!! 
Funny thing we had about 7 missionaries there, 6 members there and Ms. Hoyt! We had a ton of people in her living room waiting for her to give us the good news! 

Saturday was Ms.Hoyt Baptism!! AWWWW!! I can't even believe it!! Well we had to start it a little late because the font was not filled up in time! 
Well we had a pretty good amount of people who came!  President and Sister Cottle came, and our District! And some of the mission staff! 
Well we did a special Musical number for her! She teared up. It was just the best! A lot of people told us that it filled the room with the spirit! 
It was just a fun fun day!! 
Well after words we had our Baptism the Assiants had one! So we stayed for that one as well! 
After words we had a wonderful talk with everyone after words!! Well I was thanking those who came and when I got to President Cottle he wouldn't stop shaking it and then he dragged me with him and Sister Cottle! It was funny! Sister Cottle just laughed about it! 
Then we all discoused with the missionaries of where we where going to eat! Well President Cottle got into it as well and picked a place and told us he will meet us there! So that is what he did. 
He left us with a commintment at dinner! Will you make this up coming Transfer better then this last Transfer. We told him yes. Then he told us Okay I will pay for your dinner! 
Aww I just love President and Sister Cottle! They are just the best!! I will never for get them ever!! 

Well we got home and guess what!!! We had Transfer Calls!! 
So I am staying with Sister Goade in Forsyth! Sad news Sister Foster is leaving! 
I don't want her to leave. Well just to say we had our moment that night. Crying because we have come so close together and one of us is leaving the pack. 
Transfers are so hard and rough on the missionaries here. 
Sister Foster was truly amazing! She has been a big help of helping me know the Area! We had such wonderful times together! I thought it was so cool that we found out that she new my gandpa Foster! I sure do wish her the best of luck!! 
Well Sunday it rained again. We had just a great day! Learning the things we needed to learn! 
Well it is so hard saying good bye to others with your companion! 
Well I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Thought for the week!! 
Isaiah 41:10 
Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

I hope y'all have a great week!! Love you!! 
Also Happy Veteran's day!!

Love you!!  Have the best day of your entire life! 

God Bless you Canadian Goose!

I apologize for being behind.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks.  Here is Kallie's post for this past P-day.

Hello y'all,

This week was crazy busy and full of miracles and excitement!

This week we met a crazy Crazy duck lady!! She was so funny!! We were
going to see a less active and as we were biking by we saw a lady who
was feeding ducks and we stopped to say hi. She said hello, walked
over and glanced at our name-tags and said "oh yeah, we praise the
same Jesus, will you spare five minutes and help me!" So, we did and
she tossed me a bucket and said "go feed that duck that has a broken
leg!" So, we found the duck and it was Trapped by a goose, it had
taken the poor goose under its wing and protected it from the other
ducks. Apparently it was a Canadian goose! The lady then said "God
bless you Canadian goose, you take care of baby goose, she kept saying
"take your Abraham abundance!" She would be cooing and barking at the
ducks while saying "I love you mama!" Or "get away from mama! You let
her eat!!" It was so awkward, then she would turn to us and say "I
love you two, you came right on time, GOD IS GOOD....ALL THE TIME!!!!"

Friday: we had zone meeting, it was great!! We learned so much from
it, we focused a lot on happiness and how to love our companions. It
was very interesting. We started with a trust fall and well, I didn't
fall back, not because I didn't trust her but because I didn't want to
get dropped!!

Saturday was a Saturday beyond all other days. We got back from
exchanges and went to see a former investigator, we knocked and she
let us right in. We were really excited and thought it was a golden
contact. We sat down and started discussing about the restoration,
then the Anti side came out. Oh my goodness we were terrified!! She
started telling us how we had rachid hearts and that we were going to
heck because we didn't say that Jesus was God, and that there was a
trinity! I have never had to defend my faith so much!! My comp started
to get a little frustrated with her, I don't blame her, I was as well
then she said "let just agree to disagree okay!" She then got up and
went to her room and printed off 40 pages of anti and told us to
"think about what we read!" We testified of the truth that contains in
the gospel and then left after we were held captive for an hour! It
was an experience I never want to have again!

Sunday! I just love Sunday!! I love being able to renew my covenants
with God and strengthen my relationship with my savior! We had
interviews with President Alexander at night so I could receive a
blessing, it was a powerful blessing and brought me so much comfort!
At night we had a huge spider in our apartment and we screamed and
started spraying mosquito repellent at it, it wasn't moving so I took
a box and smashed it, we stood there and then it started to move again
so we sprayed it with bed bug spray hoping it would help, well it
didn't so we ended up putting a shoe on and smashing it! #victory!!

Scripture of the week: Matthew 5:48

Quote of the week:  "We need to tighten our grip on the rod that leads
us back to Him. Now is the “day of choosing” for all of us."
—Robert D. Hales

Love you all!! Have a blessed week!

Sister Kallie McCulloch