Monday, November 16, 2015

Families are Forever

 It was wonderful to skype with her on Tuesday night.  Truly a tender mercy.  We had had an exciting day that day with totaling our car, broken ribs and collapsed lungs and severe whiplash.  Seeing and talking to one of our missionaries was such a soothing balm to what could have been a very trying day.  We had a luau in Chuck's honor that night and it was a rocking good time despite our being pretty banged up.  So glad Sissy was able to be part of the celebration!

Hello fellow friends and family!

This week was an interesting week!

Tuesday was one tough day! We hit the year mark of Dad's death, it was
hard but I had great members and a mission president and his wife to
help me! After our studies my mission presidents wife showed up with
flowers and told me that she loved me and they were thinking of me!
They are the best, we are so blessed to have them! :) I am blessed to
have them in my life, and here on a mission! When Sister Alexander
left, we had someone knock on our door and it was a man with a big
bouquet of flowers for me. It was anonymous, I started to get tears in
my eyes , I felt so much love from everyone! Sister Jackson ended up
picking us up and took us to lunch, we then went to the store and I
got balloons, and attached a letter to the balloons and let it go in
the air. It was sentimental and I felt a connection and the  love of
my dad being so near. It was a moment I will never forget!!  Spending
time with the family at night was amazing! I love the gospel and most
of all the plan of salvation! We can and will live with our loved ones
again! It is an amazing promise we have been given from our loving
Heavenly Father!

The rest of the week was finding, and working with less active
members! On Wednesday we went and saw S. Blue she is a less active who
doesn't come to church because of her husband, he is a non member, but
he lets us come see her each week! She was telling us that she wants
to go to the temple but says she doesn't want to come to church, which
is contradicting if she wants to go to he temple! We will be working
with her that she will warm up and come!

Church was fantastic! I love church, especially this week!! It was the
primary program! This ward is just so cute!! Love them all! A lot of
them had attitude and a bunch of sass! But, it was so cute! But I had
a couple of members from Harrisburg show up! Oh my gosh my entire life
was made! S. Reid and S. Larson came! They are some of my favorite
members and I was tickled pink when I saw them!! I I miss Harrisburg
so much! But, there is a purpose for being in Matthews or else I would
still be there!

President Alexander and Sister Alexander came and spoke to our ward
council that night, they helped them understand our purpose as
missionaries and how they need to pick it up and help us! They seemed
excited but, I am hoping it soaks in and they help out, it would make
work so much easier and less stressful!

Scripture/Ponderizers of the week: 2 Timothy 4:7

Quote of the week: there is a great article I found on this
morning! I wanted to share a snip it!
"If you are struggling, confused, or spiritually lost, I urge you to
do the one thing I know will get you back on track. Begin again to
prayerfully study the Book of Mormon and live its teachings every day,
every day, every day!"

My dear friends and family, the Book of Mormon is such a powerful tool
in our lives and if it isn't we need to apply it and make it important
to us! It can answer our prayers and is a great way to communicate
with God!

I love you all so very much! Thank you for your constant prayers and
love you have rendered to me!
Have a blessed week!

Sister McCulloch
Bless the kind souls who thought of my daughter and reminded her that God is mindful of her and loves her.

Absolutely LOVE that grin!!!

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