Wednesday, November 11, 2015

God Bless you Canadian Goose!

I apologize for being behind.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks.  Here is Kallie's post for this past P-day.

Hello y'all,

This week was crazy busy and full of miracles and excitement!

This week we met a crazy Crazy duck lady!! She was so funny!! We were
going to see a less active and as we were biking by we saw a lady who
was feeding ducks and we stopped to say hi. She said hello, walked
over and glanced at our name-tags and said "oh yeah, we praise the
same Jesus, will you spare five minutes and help me!" So, we did and
she tossed me a bucket and said "go feed that duck that has a broken
leg!" So, we found the duck and it was Trapped by a goose, it had
taken the poor goose under its wing and protected it from the other
ducks. Apparently it was a Canadian goose! The lady then said "God
bless you Canadian goose, you take care of baby goose, she kept saying
"take your Abraham abundance!" She would be cooing and barking at the
ducks while saying "I love you mama!" Or "get away from mama! You let
her eat!!" It was so awkward, then she would turn to us and say "I
love you two, you came right on time, GOD IS GOOD....ALL THE TIME!!!!"

Friday: we had zone meeting, it was great!! We learned so much from
it, we focused a lot on happiness and how to love our companions. It
was very interesting. We started with a trust fall and well, I didn't
fall back, not because I didn't trust her but because I didn't want to
get dropped!!

Saturday was a Saturday beyond all other days. We got back from
exchanges and went to see a former investigator, we knocked and she
let us right in. We were really excited and thought it was a golden
contact. We sat down and started discussing about the restoration,
then the Anti side came out. Oh my goodness we were terrified!! She
started telling us how we had rachid hearts and that we were going to
heck because we didn't say that Jesus was God, and that there was a
trinity! I have never had to defend my faith so much!! My comp started
to get a little frustrated with her, I don't blame her, I was as well
then she said "let just agree to disagree okay!" She then got up and
went to her room and printed off 40 pages of anti and told us to
"think about what we read!" We testified of the truth that contains in
the gospel and then left after we were held captive for an hour! It
was an experience I never want to have again!

Sunday! I just love Sunday!! I love being able to renew my covenants
with God and strengthen my relationship with my savior! We had
interviews with President Alexander at night so I could receive a
blessing, it was a powerful blessing and brought me so much comfort!
At night we had a huge spider in our apartment and we screamed and
started spraying mosquito repellent at it, it wasn't moving so I took
a box and smashed it, we stood there and then it started to move again
so we sprayed it with bed bug spray hoping it would help, well it
didn't so we ended up putting a shoe on and smashing it! #victory!!

Scripture of the week: Matthew 5:48

Quote of the week:  "We need to tighten our grip on the rod that leads
us back to Him. Now is the “day of choosing” for all of us."
—Robert D. Hales

Love you all!! Have a blessed week!

Sister Kallie McCulloch

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