Monday, November 16, 2015

9 months and a new transfer

Well Hey Y'all, 
Well just to say this was a fun week!!! 
So Monday we went out and where in a lesson with an old couple. We looked on the phone and saw that we had a missed call from Sister Cottle. Just to say I was freaking out just a little bit. Wondering Why she was calling us. 
Well found out that she was calling us because the Salt Lake City Temple Square Sister Missionary's Companion needed a place to stay on Tuesday night till Wednesday till she comes. 
Well just to say that was good! 
So all night we where packing for Sister Foster! It was going to be a different Transfer I can say! 
Well Tuesday came and it was Transfer day! So we dropped her off and Picked up a sister for the day! 
Well just to say it felt so weird at first but it went great at the end. 

I got to say this day was the best!!!! 
I had my 9 month mark!!! So crazy to think about that!! So just to say I burned 2 shirts and Kind of melted a small trash can that was going to the dump! It was funny!! The Elders helped us out with it. 
Thursday we had our Zone Conference and I gave a training! Went well! We went to the hospital to see one of our recent Converts who just had back surgery. Well she had a visitor who was a JW. So we pretended that we didn't know her but later on we called her to say that we love her. 
Okay so I am skipping a couple of days. 
Well just to say Saturday we went out with a member. We had 30 minutes left and decided to go to WalMart and give out 3 pass along cards! It was so funny! But it worked. 
Sunday I kind of got a little sick. I could feel it at the end of the night and when it came to our Daily planning session I was out cold on the ground. 
Sister Goade woke me up after an 1hr and helped me into my bed. Then in the morning told me that I must have been sick because I really needed that rest! 

Well just to say this Transfer has been great so far! I am just loving Sister Goade! She is the best!! 

Thought for the week:
Because you are His child, He knows who you can become......Because you are His child, you not only need Him, but He also needs you. Those sitting around you right now ...... need you. The world needs you, and your divine nature allows you to be His trusted disciple to all His Children.
Rosemary M. Wixom,Primary General Presient
I love y'all. I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for all you do! z
I hope you have the best day of your entire life. 
Talked to you next week...
Missionary work can be so exhausting
Sister Bitty Bug and Sister Goades

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