Monday, October 26, 2015

Suprise Transfer

This week was crazy exciting!

Monday: we played basketball as a district, half the district was transferred. I have loved our district and loved being able to get to know everyone! #friendsforlife!

Wednesday: Today we had a long day of finding. We ended up teaching one of our less active members on skype because he couldnt meet with us. As we started he wanted to get to know all of us (even though he already knows S. Buckner and I) and then turned to us on the screen and said "now what about the 2 of you?" Sister Buckner and I said "um, well....we are missionaries, we read our scriptures every morning and do missionary work.." we didn't know what else to tell him and he said man, ya'll are boring. #lifeofamissionary  he then asked us if we had guys waiting for us back at home, yeah it was awkward. I didn't know what to say so we just stopped him and said "well, time for our lesson, will you pray?"

Friday: So today was district meeting. Sister Buckner and I had a training on finding. It was a great training.
We acted like scientists and as if we were conducting a survey. It was full of laughter and got our point across! In the end of the training we got really spiritual and talked about how we need to increase our efforts in finding. It was a strong spirit that was flowing out of our mouths! #soiritleddiscussion 

Saturday: So, here we were at Mrs. Ashely's helping her with her creek racking up leaves and such. There was a Saint Patrick's welcome sign with a leprechaun hanging from it. I must have been really vulnerable because she randomly shouted "look it's a leprechaun!" Needless to say I didn't know she was looking and pointing at the sign. I though she was pointing at the tree so here I stand bent over and repeatedly saying "where where!?" While Sister Buckner laughed and kept saying "over there," this time she was pointing to the tree. I couldn't see it and was getting a little antsy...she just kept laughing and laughing and then started going off to work I stood and looked for it. Then it dawned on is October and leprechauns are NOT real, how could I have been so silly. I went over to tell sister Buckner and I stood in front of her and said "there is no leprechaun over there! There aren't such things as leprechauns!" She continued to laugh hysterically It was embarrassing, 22 years old and I am still falling for this stuff!
Later that night we had stake conference, we learned about missionary work and how it isn't hard to do it, all you have to do is open your mouth and speak! :) it was amazing!!

Sunday: Stake Conference was today! I had the privilege to sing during it, it was amazing! :) afterwords S. Buckner and I met with President Alexander and he told us that we were being transferred, well thaT I was being transferred. It was hard because it has only been one week of the transfer. I don't know where I am headed but I will know tomorrow afternoon. President Alexander I guess had last minute transfer visions. I am so devastated and sad about leaving. In Fact we came home and I cried while S. Buckner held me in her arms. I just love Harrisburg so much and don't want to leave, after I gained composure I started packing and decided I might as well get the packing done and over with, didn't last too long until I started to cry again. I guess thats what happens when you get close to the ward and the area where you serve. After dinner we met this amazing lady named D___ She is FANTASTIC, she said that her son lives out in Utah and that he married a mormon and now he is thinking about converting. she said that she went to Utah to the Salt Lake Temple visitor center and loved it, she told us that her goal is to go inside the temple one day and we told her that we can help her fulfill that goal! SOLID!!

I am truly going to I miss Harrisburg, it is my home away from home! I have loved spending time with the members and getting to know them. I didn't ever think the time would come for me to leave! But, I must have bigger and greater adventures that lie ahead for me!

Ponderizer of the week: 
2 Nephi 9:20-22

Quote of the week:
As God encourages us to keep on trying, He expects us to also allow others the space to do the same, at their own pace."
—Dale G. Renlund
Love ya'll!! I hope you have a blessed week!! Thank you for your constant prayers and reminders that God loves us and is aware of our needs!

Sister McCulloch

Sister McCulloch 

Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you

Sounds like Charlie had an amazing week.  So proud of my little Georgia peach and her wonderful companions!

Hey Y'all, 
Wow this week was amazing!! So many great things happen!! Just to start out I am so grateful that I was able to be here in the Georgia Macon Mission!! 
Don't know what I would have done with out serving a mission! 
Well Monday was super good!! Took a little Cat nap and wrote some letters!! 
Well just to say we heard a knock at the door and guess what... It was the elders giving us some Pumpkin cheese cake!! It was so good!! We had it gone in less then 20 seconds!! 

Well Tuesday we  had District meeting!! Super cool!! 
Mosiah 2: 36
 And now, I say unto you, my brethren, that after ye have known and have been taught all these things, if ye should transgress and go contrary to that which has been spoken, that ye do withdraw yourselves from the Spirit of the Lord, that it may have no place in you to guide you in wisdom’s paths that ye may be blessed, prospered, and preserved
Just thinking about that was so cool!! Knowing that we are preserved for a certain time!! We had to be here with the people that are around us. That we go on missions at the right time for us. 

Well Wednesday we had exchanges again!! Woot Woot!! It was super fun!! Before exchanges we had a great lesson with C_____!! So guess what I said my first prayer in Sign Language!! It was so cool!! He told me that I did really well for my first time!!  I felt so good inside to know that I was able to learn that so quick and to really understand him! Just saying the gift of tongues is so real!! 
Well Thursday We had lessons with investigators!! Super fun!! I have to say I did get about 3 bites on my legs!! NOOOOOOO!!! I hate when they bite me!! I still need my legs to heal from the bites right now!! Well I did put some of that cream on my legs!! Sooo good!! 
Friday of course was our Weekly Planning!! It was so good!! 
Saturday we decided to walk to our appointment!! It was amazing!! I just enjoyed it!! Getting our fresh air in! Also we even ran over a mile that morning!! And walked for about 6 minutes around our apartment complex! It was the best!! Well we had another lesson with C____ and yes he had me say the prayer again. He said that he just likes my prayers!! That is super amazing!! I just love signing!!!! 
Well around 9 some of the members took us and the Elders to Breakfast!! We had all you can eat!! It was so good!! We had Shoneys!! I just loved it!! 

Alright Sunday!! 
Wow Sunday was amazing!!! 
So we needed a few things to reach our goals! We really prayed to reach them. And Guess what!!!
When you Ask with faith the lord is going to help you out!! 
So Sunday morning We woke up and got ready for church. Well I was speaking so I curled my hair again!! It went so well!! I got told that I answered somebody's prayer. I spoke on the Law of The Fast!! It was so amazing to prepare on and to speak on right before Fast Sunday!! 
Well after words was amazing!! The lord works in His ways!! So we go out to these apartments! Just in 20 minutes we taught 2 lessons, got a new investigator and got 2 referrals!! The greatness when you have a trio!! We had 5 investigators at church!! Just to it was so cool!! I have never been so happy in my life to see those children of God there!! I know that Heavenly Father was so happy that they made the choose to come!!  
One of our investigators said she could hardly even  recognize me because I curled my hair!! 
Well later on after we had dinner we just saw many miracles happened that we couldn't have done by our self. We knew that the lord was putting his hand into our day!! 
It was so amazing!! I never thought how happy I was when we got home!! Knowing that we needed to thank Heavenly Father for all that he has given us!! It was so cool!! 
Well just to say the Trio is getting Closer and closer each day we are together!! 
I am so grateful for them so much!! 

Thought for this week! 
Doctrine and Convents 50:24 
That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.
And again, verily I say unto you, and I say it that you may know the truth, that you may chase darkness from among you;

I love you so much!! Thanks for all you do!! I hope you have an amazing week!!
 Keep Smiling!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Also I hope you have a wonderful Happy Halloween!! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
Have the best day of your entire life!! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Ponderize the Ponderizing


Well, it's transfers again and Sister Buckner and I are staying
together again. She goes home in December so, I will most likely be
staying in Harrisburg till at least the February/March Transfer!

Sunday: Funny story from today-After church one of the members that
was going to feed us dinner took us home with them afterwords! We got
in there home and went to the kitchen the member said "give us 15
minutes and we will be we sat and watched her cut up
veggies and slice potatoes. As she was steaming and cooking the
potatoes in the microwave she opens up the fridge and pulls out a
cow!! (30+ steaks!) she said "I know you girls would probably Rather
have chicken but steak was on sale!" S. Buckner and I said "we
actually like steak!" So she pulls off about 10 and seasons them, then
pulls bacon out and cooks that as well.. 1.5 hours later we finally
got to eat!

That night we had choir practice. I was singing soprano and s. Buckner
was singing alto... She kept winking at me and making faces so I just
started laughing and a member who was between us looked at the two of
Us and jokingly whispered..." Hey, you two..cut it out!" It was
priceless, I love Harrisburg!!

Monday: Last Monday S. Buckner and I went to this Halloween
was creepy!! they had things you could step on and these creepy things
would pop out, so I would go and step on the thing and then run back
as far as I could!! There was one station that I screamed really loud!
It was pretty embarrassing! I don't understand why people like the
holiday Halloween because it is so Satanic and pretty sure Jesus would
not approve of it!

Tuesday: we were able to put together the ward mission plan for the
ward and the upcoming year, we are super excited! this year the ward
wasn't too helpful on the missionary side of things and didn't help us
find people to be baptized. Bishop Said that we are going to tell the
ward council that they didn't have enough faith to help us baptize
this year and see if they have enough faith to help us this year and
if they don't that he will be reorganizing the ward council a bit! I
can't wait!! :D

Wednesday: Today we were able to have a last minute service
opportunity for a lady in our ward, she is the best and defiantly in
need of constant service! We were able to clean her house for her, she
fell down the day before and really bang up her knee so we left our
other plans and helped her, she was crying because she was so grateful
for us coming!

Thursday: Great day! It was mission tour! We had Elder Kopishke come
and speak to us! It was amazing!! :) we learned SO much!! I will give
you a few gems!!
--->live your dream! It's going to be big! Not big for the numbers or
for others but for yourself!
--->we have also been learning about FULL hearts! We learned that the
overflow of the heart is the mouth. We need to be able to use
Christlike words and implement the attributes by the way we speak to
--->We also learned a lot about love, that love sparks desire to do
things and change things!

Friday: Today was a great day! My favorite part would have to of been
after dinner when there was this young woman who was sitting on the
steps outside the restaurant. she looked sadden and distressed, I felt
the impression to hand her a Jesus Christ card and write on it that
God loved her and let her know that things were going to be okay no
matter what she was going through. She started to get teary eyed and
said thank you! I haven't felt the spirit like that before and I loved

Saturday: in the morning, Sister Hunt called us and told us to come
over and get food from them! :) we came home with 3 HUGE bags!! Lots
and lots of food! We dont have to shop Monday! When we were done we
went back to their apartment and they cooked us breakfast! It was a
great companionship study ;-)  Today was also our day of service!! So
much service!! I LOVED it!! :)

Quote of the week: 2 men looked out of prison bars, one saw the mud
and the other the stars.. "Which way do we look at life?"

Scripture: Mosiah 2:41!!

Love y'all

Sister McCulloch

A week full of miracles...week 3 in Forsyth

Well this week has been super amazing!!! Well Monday was pretty good! While we where writing letters we heard a knock at the door and it was one of the members! Well we talked with her for a while and then realized it is time to each dinner! 
So we had dinner and then went out and saw one of our investigators K____. We taught her the plan of Salvation! A few months ago she lost her little boy and was wondering why Heavenly Father took him away! Well I was able to share her my experience about when my dad passed away! Had many questions! But then told her that she will see her son again! And she will be with her family forever! 
Later on she invited us to come to her house on Saturday before her Halloween party! 

Well we left her house and all of the sudden a car was following  us and we where super scared! So we thought we would turn! Well so did the car! So Sister Foster and I and freaking out and don't know what to do! Then we looked back and the car was gone! Super happy that it was over! 
Well we went over and saw a recent convert! When we got in the room we could tell there was not a very happy spirit in the room. So we prayed in Christ name for them to leave. All of the sudden I could feel something super close to my face! Words can not explain how frighten I was! I knew that an evil spirit was right there and I know that I was having gardening angels watching over me. 
Well when we came home there where 3 pop corn balls on our porch! Well just to say the Elders made our night!! We all where crying on the way home from our last place because of what happened! That was the best thing that ever happened to us!! 

So Tuesday we had district meeting! We had a little game, Preach My Gospel Jeopardy! It was
super fun! My team won and I got ST. Patrick socks!!! I was super excited!! 
Well Wednesday we had exchanges!! So I went to Warner Robins! Well it was super fun! We walked around a place and saw a man. So we talked with him! Well just to say  he told us that we had false Christ on our walls because no one knows what he looks like. Haha!! So he told us to take them off and put pictures of our family and other people that remind us about Christ!! Well just to say I am not taking my Christ pictures off my wall! 
Well exchanges were so fun!!! I really enjoyed it!! Well we came back on Thursday and had an amazing day! We had a great lesson with Clifton( my ASL is getting a little better) Still can't pray in sign language but I can understand him talking! 
Also we the Finlinson took us out to dinner at Captain D's!! It was so good!!! I just love sea food!! 
Well just to say I had a home cooked Southern meal on Friday night!! It was so good!! We ended up throwing cheese at each other and smashing cake in each others faces!! It was so fun!! 
Miracle! One of our RC car wouldn't start!! This week we have been starting to have her be Grateful!! Well just to say her car wouldn't start! She was so made that nothing was happening!! Even us jumping it didn't start it!! So we told her to say something she was grateful for and she told us no. The prayer didn't even work so just to say Heavenly Father had something in store for that!! Well she finally said something she decided to do it!! She said, " I am grateful for the 3 best mis... and turned the key and it started!! Wow!! That was so cool!!! We all screamed!! 
It was truly amazing!!  
Well just to say the lord works in his own timing to help us to know he is there!! 

Saturday we had a wonderful day!! We helped out with the Red Cross service project! It was so much fun!! I enjoyed it so much!! Our group was the best!! we put in 21 fire smoke alarms!! 
It was a great day!! We started out at 8:30 and ended 4 pm. Well just to say they where so happy when 33 missionaries showed up to help!! Of course we where so use to knocking on doors so it was what we do normally!! We met some amazing people along the way!! 
Well the rest of the day went great! We just had a great day spending time with people! 
Sunday!! Well today was such a great day!! Well just to say I got asked to speak on next Sunday!! So I a little excited about that!! 
Well we saw a lot of people! Some members just spent a couple of hours with us to see people we are teaching!! 
We saw one of our investigators and she was so excited to see us!! Well just to say she told us that she wants to come to church on Sunday when she found out that her kids can come too!! She told us that by the end of the year she will be baptized into our church!! It was just an amazing lesson!! 

Well I hope you have a wonderful week!! Thanks for all you do!! 

Thought for the week! I was reading this talk in my personal studies this morning!! The law of the fast! By Bishop Dean M. Davies
It is such an amazing talk given in the October 2014 Conference in the Priesthood session! 

In our day, caring for the poor and needy is one of four divinely appointed Church responsibilities that help individuals and families qualify for exaltation.

I just love that! That we need to help others to make it to the Celestial Kingdom!! 

Well I love y'all! I hope y'all have an amazing day!! And wish you the best of luck!! You are the best!! 
Have the best day of your entire life!

I think she's missing her family a bit!  :)    Other pictures are of her, Sister Foster, and Sister Goade. 
She loves serving in Fried Green Tomatoes country!