Monday, October 19, 2015

A week full of miracles...week 3 in Forsyth

Well this week has been super amazing!!! Well Monday was pretty good! While we where writing letters we heard a knock at the door and it was one of the members! Well we talked with her for a while and then realized it is time to each dinner! 
So we had dinner and then went out and saw one of our investigators K____. We taught her the plan of Salvation! A few months ago she lost her little boy and was wondering why Heavenly Father took him away! Well I was able to share her my experience about when my dad passed away! Had many questions! But then told her that she will see her son again! And she will be with her family forever! 
Later on she invited us to come to her house on Saturday before her Halloween party! 

Well we left her house and all of the sudden a car was following  us and we where super scared! So we thought we would turn! Well so did the car! So Sister Foster and I and freaking out and don't know what to do! Then we looked back and the car was gone! Super happy that it was over! 
Well we went over and saw a recent convert! When we got in the room we could tell there was not a very happy spirit in the room. So we prayed in Christ name for them to leave. All of the sudden I could feel something super close to my face! Words can not explain how frighten I was! I knew that an evil spirit was right there and I know that I was having gardening angels watching over me. 
Well when we came home there where 3 pop corn balls on our porch! Well just to say the Elders made our night!! We all where crying on the way home from our last place because of what happened! That was the best thing that ever happened to us!! 

So Tuesday we had district meeting! We had a little game, Preach My Gospel Jeopardy! It was
super fun! My team won and I got ST. Patrick socks!!! I was super excited!! 
Well Wednesday we had exchanges!! So I went to Warner Robins! Well it was super fun! We walked around a place and saw a man. So we talked with him! Well just to say  he told us that we had false Christ on our walls because no one knows what he looks like. Haha!! So he told us to take them off and put pictures of our family and other people that remind us about Christ!! Well just to say I am not taking my Christ pictures off my wall! 
Well exchanges were so fun!!! I really enjoyed it!! Well we came back on Thursday and had an amazing day! We had a great lesson with Clifton( my ASL is getting a little better) Still can't pray in sign language but I can understand him talking! 
Also we the Finlinson took us out to dinner at Captain D's!! It was so good!!! I just love sea food!! 
Well just to say I had a home cooked Southern meal on Friday night!! It was so good!! We ended up throwing cheese at each other and smashing cake in each others faces!! It was so fun!! 
Miracle! One of our RC car wouldn't start!! This week we have been starting to have her be Grateful!! Well just to say her car wouldn't start! She was so made that nothing was happening!! Even us jumping it didn't start it!! So we told her to say something she was grateful for and she told us no. The prayer didn't even work so just to say Heavenly Father had something in store for that!! Well she finally said something she decided to do it!! She said, " I am grateful for the 3 best mis... and turned the key and it started!! Wow!! That was so cool!!! We all screamed!! 
It was truly amazing!!  
Well just to say the lord works in his own timing to help us to know he is there!! 

Saturday we had a wonderful day!! We helped out with the Red Cross service project! It was so much fun!! I enjoyed it so much!! Our group was the best!! we put in 21 fire smoke alarms!! 
It was a great day!! We started out at 8:30 and ended 4 pm. Well just to say they where so happy when 33 missionaries showed up to help!! Of course we where so use to knocking on doors so it was what we do normally!! We met some amazing people along the way!! 
Well the rest of the day went great! We just had a great day spending time with people! 
Sunday!! Well today was such a great day!! Well just to say I got asked to speak on next Sunday!! So I a little excited about that!! 
Well we saw a lot of people! Some members just spent a couple of hours with us to see people we are teaching!! 
We saw one of our investigators and she was so excited to see us!! Well just to say she told us that she wants to come to church on Sunday when she found out that her kids can come too!! She told us that by the end of the year she will be baptized into our church!! It was just an amazing lesson!! 

Well I hope you have a wonderful week!! Thanks for all you do!! 

Thought for the week! I was reading this talk in my personal studies this morning!! The law of the fast! By Bishop Dean M. Davies
It is such an amazing talk given in the October 2014 Conference in the Priesthood session! 

In our day, caring for the poor and needy is one of four divinely appointed Church responsibilities that help individuals and families qualify for exaltation.

I just love that! That we need to help others to make it to the Celestial Kingdom!! 

Well I love y'all! I hope y'all have an amazing day!! And wish you the best of luck!! You are the best!! 
Have the best day of your entire life!

I think she's missing her family a bit!  :)    Other pictures are of her, Sister Foster, and Sister Goade. 
She loves serving in Fried Green Tomatoes country!

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