Monday, October 26, 2015

Suprise Transfer

This week was crazy exciting!

Monday: we played basketball as a district, half the district was transferred. I have loved our district and loved being able to get to know everyone! #friendsforlife!

Wednesday: Today we had a long day of finding. We ended up teaching one of our less active members on skype because he couldnt meet with us. As we started he wanted to get to know all of us (even though he already knows S. Buckner and I) and then turned to us on the screen and said "now what about the 2 of you?" Sister Buckner and I said "um, well....we are missionaries, we read our scriptures every morning and do missionary work.." we didn't know what else to tell him and he said man, ya'll are boring. #lifeofamissionary  he then asked us if we had guys waiting for us back at home, yeah it was awkward. I didn't know what to say so we just stopped him and said "well, time for our lesson, will you pray?"

Friday: So today was district meeting. Sister Buckner and I had a training on finding. It was a great training.
We acted like scientists and as if we were conducting a survey. It was full of laughter and got our point across! In the end of the training we got really spiritual and talked about how we need to increase our efforts in finding. It was a strong spirit that was flowing out of our mouths! #soiritleddiscussion 

Saturday: So, here we were at Mrs. Ashely's helping her with her creek racking up leaves and such. There was a Saint Patrick's welcome sign with a leprechaun hanging from it. I must have been really vulnerable because she randomly shouted "look it's a leprechaun!" Needless to say I didn't know she was looking and pointing at the sign. I though she was pointing at the tree so here I stand bent over and repeatedly saying "where where!?" While Sister Buckner laughed and kept saying "over there," this time she was pointing to the tree. I couldn't see it and was getting a little antsy...she just kept laughing and laughing and then started going off to work I stood and looked for it. Then it dawned on is October and leprechauns are NOT real, how could I have been so silly. I went over to tell sister Buckner and I stood in front of her and said "there is no leprechaun over there! There aren't such things as leprechauns!" She continued to laugh hysterically It was embarrassing, 22 years old and I am still falling for this stuff!
Later that night we had stake conference, we learned about missionary work and how it isn't hard to do it, all you have to do is open your mouth and speak! :) it was amazing!!

Sunday: Stake Conference was today! I had the privilege to sing during it, it was amazing! :) afterwords S. Buckner and I met with President Alexander and he told us that we were being transferred, well thaT I was being transferred. It was hard because it has only been one week of the transfer. I don't know where I am headed but I will know tomorrow afternoon. President Alexander I guess had last minute transfer visions. I am so devastated and sad about leaving. In Fact we came home and I cried while S. Buckner held me in her arms. I just love Harrisburg so much and don't want to leave, after I gained composure I started packing and decided I might as well get the packing done and over with, didn't last too long until I started to cry again. I guess thats what happens when you get close to the ward and the area where you serve. After dinner we met this amazing lady named D___ She is FANTASTIC, she said that her son lives out in Utah and that he married a mormon and now he is thinking about converting. she said that she went to Utah to the Salt Lake Temple visitor center and loved it, she told us that her goal is to go inside the temple one day and we told her that we can help her fulfill that goal! SOLID!!

I am truly going to I miss Harrisburg, it is my home away from home! I have loved spending time with the members and getting to know them. I didn't ever think the time would come for me to leave! But, I must have bigger and greater adventures that lie ahead for me!

Ponderizer of the week: 
2 Nephi 9:20-22

Quote of the week:
As God encourages us to keep on trying, He expects us to also allow others the space to do the same, at their own pace."
—Dale G. Renlund
Love ya'll!! I hope you have a blessed week!! Thank you for your constant prayers and reminders that God loves us and is aware of our needs!

Sister McCulloch

Sister McCulloch 

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