Monday, October 19, 2015

Ponderize the Ponderizing


Well, it's transfers again and Sister Buckner and I are staying
together again. She goes home in December so, I will most likely be
staying in Harrisburg till at least the February/March Transfer!

Sunday: Funny story from today-After church one of the members that
was going to feed us dinner took us home with them afterwords! We got
in there home and went to the kitchen the member said "give us 15
minutes and we will be we sat and watched her cut up
veggies and slice potatoes. As she was steaming and cooking the
potatoes in the microwave she opens up the fridge and pulls out a
cow!! (30+ steaks!) she said "I know you girls would probably Rather
have chicken but steak was on sale!" S. Buckner and I said "we
actually like steak!" So she pulls off about 10 and seasons them, then
pulls bacon out and cooks that as well.. 1.5 hours later we finally
got to eat!

That night we had choir practice. I was singing soprano and s. Buckner
was singing alto... She kept winking at me and making faces so I just
started laughing and a member who was between us looked at the two of
Us and jokingly whispered..." Hey, you two..cut it out!" It was
priceless, I love Harrisburg!!

Monday: Last Monday S. Buckner and I went to this Halloween
was creepy!! they had things you could step on and these creepy things
would pop out, so I would go and step on the thing and then run back
as far as I could!! There was one station that I screamed really loud!
It was pretty embarrassing! I don't understand why people like the
holiday Halloween because it is so Satanic and pretty sure Jesus would
not approve of it!

Tuesday: we were able to put together the ward mission plan for the
ward and the upcoming year, we are super excited! this year the ward
wasn't too helpful on the missionary side of things and didn't help us
find people to be baptized. Bishop Said that we are going to tell the
ward council that they didn't have enough faith to help us baptize
this year and see if they have enough faith to help us this year and
if they don't that he will be reorganizing the ward council a bit! I
can't wait!! :D

Wednesday: Today we were able to have a last minute service
opportunity for a lady in our ward, she is the best and defiantly in
need of constant service! We were able to clean her house for her, she
fell down the day before and really bang up her knee so we left our
other plans and helped her, she was crying because she was so grateful
for us coming!

Thursday: Great day! It was mission tour! We had Elder Kopishke come
and speak to us! It was amazing!! :) we learned SO much!! I will give
you a few gems!!
--->live your dream! It's going to be big! Not big for the numbers or
for others but for yourself!
--->we have also been learning about FULL hearts! We learned that the
overflow of the heart is the mouth. We need to be able to use
Christlike words and implement the attributes by the way we speak to
--->We also learned a lot about love, that love sparks desire to do
things and change things!

Friday: Today was a great day! My favorite part would have to of been
after dinner when there was this young woman who was sitting on the
steps outside the restaurant. she looked sadden and distressed, I felt
the impression to hand her a Jesus Christ card and write on it that
God loved her and let her know that things were going to be okay no
matter what she was going through. She started to get teary eyed and
said thank you! I haven't felt the spirit like that before and I loved

Saturday: in the morning, Sister Hunt called us and told us to come
over and get food from them! :) we came home with 3 HUGE bags!! Lots
and lots of food! We dont have to shop Monday! When we were done we
went back to their apartment and they cooked us breakfast! It was a
great companionship study ;-)  Today was also our day of service!! So
much service!! I LOVED it!! :)

Quote of the week: 2 men looked out of prison bars, one saw the mud
and the other the stars.. "Which way do we look at life?"

Scripture: Mosiah 2:41!!

Love y'all

Sister McCulloch

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