Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey Y'all 

So This week is Week 4!! Wow it was crazy just to plan for week 4 was so strange!! 
Well just to say this week was a little died!! Nothing much happen. 
The worst thing but probably not the cool thing was I got a ingrown toenail that my companion thinks might me infected. But we called the nurse in our mission and she told me to soak it in warm water. So I believe everything is going to be okay!! 
But running is going to have to pause for a little while. :( But it is for the better!!) 

Well we had a zone Training meeting!! During our break we shoot free throws and who ever makes it gets to be in the next round to win the Prize. Well I got out the first round. Everyone knows my basketball skills are not the best!! 

Well just saying on Saturday we went and helped a less active family weed their flower garden. Wow I have never have dripped off sweet before in my life until then. It felt gross. 
I was super excited to help weed and see a great improvement. Well things are going great in this little small town. 

Well this week is going to be a crazy week. Thursday and Friday have meeting and traveling to the meetings all day. I will tell you how it goes there. 

Well I am learning lots and lots about my area each day I am here. 
The branch here really wants a ward. They are having a missionary fireside on the 28 and we are speaking at it. To let the branch really get excited about missionary work and want to help us find someone to teach. 

Well I hope everything is going great where ever you are in the world. 
Have a great week!!! 

Matthew 25 is a great chapter to read to help us get ready/ be ready for the 2nd coming. Especially the story of the 5 wise and the 5 foolish!! I sure do love that parable!! Well have a great week!!

Love ya all!!!! 
Have the best week of your entire life!!! 

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