Monday, June 22, 2015

Charlie Bug

Hey Everyone!!!
Well This week was super Crazy!!!! 
Had a meeting on Thursday in Macon, and another in North Augusta. 
The meeting on Thursday is what I learned in Salt Lake, 1st Transfer meeting. 
It was super fun. It was great to come back together and see the MTC District of Macon Georgia again!! 

My Toe is getting better!! found out that I had a little hole in the inside of my shoe at the top!! 

Well the meeting on Friday was Zone conference. It was super fun. Sister Miller and I had a rode trip up there. We left at 6:20 and arrived at8:20. It was a very long day. we got back around 9 because we stopped and ate dinner. 

Well just to say I have watched meet the Mormons about 3 times this week and it has been really cool!! 
We watched it with Less actives and an investigator. 
I really love it!! I finally got the chance to watch it!! 

Well I hope everyone's week went well!! 
Thanks for all you Do!! 

This is the picture of the ones that came out with me!! Have a wonderful day!!
Inline image 1

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