Monday, June 22, 2015


Hello y'all!!! 

This is a crazy week! Well I am being transferred, we are being whitewashed. It is so hard and I don't really want to leave, but it's okay because it's meant to happen! I really enjoyed being here and learning and growing from the people I got to serve! The Ward isn't happy about us leaving, we jus got sisters back and now they are taking them away, it's so hard! 

We got the call on Saturday afternoon from our mission president, he left s voicemail telling us to call him, so we did and he said "Sisters, your both leaving your area, you need to pack up, we have Elders coming in" My mouth dropped and I said "What!?!?" Side note.....we have 5 progressing investigators on date, one this weekend. I  can't tell you what was going through my mind. It is hard leaving my first area, I love the people here! So so much! I am really going to miss our investigators! Looking at the glow in their eyes after teaching them made missionary work so much fun! they are amazing and I can't wait to see them again! 

I don't have any idea of where I am going but, tomorrow we will know where I am going and who my companion is. The suspense is real. We have a transfer meeting and all those that are being transferred will meet together, and then we get paired up with our new companions and head to our new areas! 

Church was great though, I learned so much! Some stuff I wanted to share was; we want to be around people who inspire us. As we strive to share the gospel of everyone we will be blessed and be able to bless someone else's life. Make a difference in the world by what we do and say, we are all representing Jesus Christ. As a missionary it can be hard to know where to go and where to be directed but as we pray  for help and guidance on where to be led and guided and directed God will help us. We want to look and pray for opportunities to serve God's children each day. 

District meeting was super great as well! When you pray for guidance and strength we are able to access the enabling power of the atonement. Let me give you a commitment,  make your weaknesses your strengths! I promise it will help strengthen your relationship and love for the Gospel! Believe in yourself because God stands right beside us through it all! 

As we exercise our faith we will learn to be obedient. We want to exercise righteously because we want and have the desire to! Think about how you can strengthen your testimony and your faith in Jesus Christ, just remember that faith is an action verb and we have to act in order to strengthen our love and relationship with him. 

Something I focused on this week is how We need to study with a purpose or with a subject in mind, it doesn't matter what you study, just as long as you actually study, no shortcuts, no secrets! We need to experience the Spirit and not have a check list!! When we as missionaries study for our investigators it makes our studies so much more meaningful! One other important key to studying the Scriptures is listening, it's not about the quantity but the quality! How ready are we to receive the blessings heavenly father wants and try's to gives us through reading our scriptures?

Look up, get up, & never give up!! 

I love you and hope you have a great week!
Kallie and her district

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