Monday, June 22, 2015

Louie Lou

My companion and I spent the whole night in the bathroom. Vomiting and with terrible diarrhea. (I'm sparing you the gory details--trust me!) I guess I am still not used to the fruits here I guess.... But because I'm not functioning properly, I will do my quick copy-and-paste emails and wish you all the best week! :)

"Our week was interesting. We had a really cool lesson on Thursday where an investigator who wasn't all that positive (She's a viejita that assists a different church....) had a really interesting dream the Sunday before when we took her grandson to church. She said that she was half-awake when we came to the door to pick up Fernando, but we didn't enter the room alone. There was this tall, white man with us--white as in Gringo, but also dressed in white. He just shined, she said. And she told us that she knew it was revelation from God telling her that He....anda con nosotras? do I say that.....He is with us? Anyway. She thought it was the coolest thing ever and ended up committing to come to church with us. She ended up not coming, but allowed her grandson to, so we'll get her next week! But that's not the best part.

Saturday rolls around and we went with one of the mujeres jovenes that lives nearby to have a lesson with the grandson and this lady. We talked about the importance of coming to church and taking the Sacrament--it was a great lesson!--until a neighbor stopped by. This lady goes to an iglesia evangelica and came in and started to say all kinds of "nice" things about the Church. She couldn't even say José Smith's name right! She said that we don't believe in God and that José Smith ("Mizmeet" as she would say.... :/) was a prophet of the devil. All sorts of terrible things like that--I thought my companion was going to have a cow. We've seen opposition as a companionship like this before, but not THIS bad. haha But everytime we tried to say something, she just cut us off. It got so bad that our investigator--this viejita who had had that cool dream the week before--started to defend the Church! I proud of her in that moment! I know that the Spirit is working on her. With time she will be able to make the decision to assist with us and will one day enter the waters of baptism. I know she will! As for our lovely visitor, she.....well....needless to say that she did NOT accept the invitation to be baptized on the 18 of Julio. I just pray that her heart will be softened and the missionaries in the future can find her and help her distinguish between the lies of others and the actual truth. 

I love her anyway. And I know Heavenly Father does too. She even prayed for us, President! She came and touched our heads and arms and blessed us with safety and that the bad men on the street will leave us alone and she said something about "falta de respeto...." I hope she wasn't referring to us. Because we did NOT have a falta de respeto! Maybe she was asking forgiveness for the falta de respeto that she had shown to us.... A saber. But all I can say is that this mujer joven that came with us was just......peeved with this lady. She shared her testimony, too, and as we left, we talked about how grateful we are to belong to the one and only true church of Jesus Christ.

I love Heavenly Father. I love Jesus Christ. I am grateful to José Smith for being a worthy instrument in the hands of the Lord to be able to restore Christ's Church again on the earth today. I would be ever so lost if I didn't have the guide of this gospel in its fulness. All that I am and all that I will be is because a boy of 14, went into the woods to pray, and I decided to do the same. Tal vez I didn't go to the woods, but I have prayed and I have received that witness. It is because of that witness that I am here. I love being able to invite everyone to do the same each and every day and to act on that answer to receive His blessings."

I love and pray for you all. :) Thanks for being such a great support for me.

Love Always,

Hermana McCulloch

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