Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Miracles in Matthews: Kallie, January 4th

What a week, full of cancelled appointments, flash floods due to crazy
insane rain, amazing new people to teach, MIRACLES and laughs that
made our stomachs hurt!

To start off, I love learning and growing while being here on a
mission! Recently in my studies from the Book of Mormon I have learned
how to strengthen my faith even more!! I finished reading the Book of
Mormon minutes prior to having to be in bed before New Years and the
experience I had was fantastic! So I wanted to share it with you!

As I was finishing reading I knelt down and prayed about the Book of
Mormon, yes I know it's true but this time it was different, it felt
different and I was having a different feeling than I have in the past
as I have prayed about its truthfulness! These past few transfers
reading the Book of Mormon has been such a blessing. I have learned so
much that I didn't pick up from before, I felt the confirmation that
there is still things I need to learn from the Book of Mormon, I know
the Book of Mormon is true, it has blessed my life on so many
occasions and has helped me become the person I am today! :) I want
everyone to have the chance and opportunity to feel the love of the
savior through the words of each page. I encourage you all to take the
opportunity to read the Book of Mormon this year, read it with real
intent and pray with the desire to have it bless someone's life. I can
promise you that by the end you will get a confirmation that it is
true, and a name will come to your mind of who you can share it with!
#BeBold #LikeALion #ShareGoodness

New Year's Day was a little crazy, we came home from lunch to find cop
cars outside our building taking pictures and talking to residents. We
got inside as fast as we could and watched through the window! We
ended up having one of those crime scene vehicles show up and took
evidence from the road and grass! #eek! But it's okay because they
said nobody died.

Saturday we did weekly planning, during our break we played a game
with whipped cream and the game ended up with whipped cream on ceiling
and our faces! So, how the game works, you put some of the squirtable
whipped cream on your wrist and pop it up Into the air and catch it in
your mouth! It makes a mess but it is totally fun! It's a great way to
relieve stress and just laugh. For my last one, I got a little more
than usual so I thought I would have to toss it higher, and well, it
ended up on the ceiling of our apartment! It was hilarious!

During our planning we ended up dropping almost all of our
investigators due to no progression in hope there would be a way we
could meet new people, and see miracles! We had the faith that stuff
will happen. And well, it did happen we Met Anders that afternoon!! He
is so great! He was taking trash to the dumpster and we started to
talk to him, he told us how good he was doing and we were able to talk
about how God blesses us, through our conversation he knew we were
representatives of Jesus Christ! He wants us to come back! #solid!

Sunday, was of course, SO GREAT!!! We had dinner with a returning
member who was baptized about 18 months ago in the Waxhaw Ward! She
had her boyfriend with her and background on him, he doesn't like it
when you talk about religion or mention religion or anything. But, we
got there and as dinner started he said he wanted to know why we think
we have the true church, so he let us explain why we knew we had the
true church! #MIRACLE!! We were able to teach him the restoration and
he said that it all made sense to him, on the end we ended up
expressing how he wanted to come to church, but that he wanted to have
a church tour first, look at the baptismal font and all that jazz!! We
are so excited!! The spirit was amazing!!

Quote of the week: “Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words
you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime.” -
President Thomas S. Monson "quoting a poet"

Ponderizer: Genesis 19:17 "Look not behind thee" I have been
privileged of sharing this New Years video with everyone we talk to.
It is truly amazing to see the things people want to change as they
make a goal to want to come closer to Jesus Christ!
Change only happens as you let it happen!! Continue to grow and let
God grow you!

I love you all, thank you for all you do to strengthen me and help me
come closer to my Savior!

Have a blessed week!

Sister Kallie McCulloch

                                                                  Photo bombed by the Elders
Kallie and Sister Corrigan

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