Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Georgia: Charlie, December 28th

Hey Y'all! I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas!!  I sure did!! Thanks for all Y'all do for me. Y'all are the best!! 
So Monday was amazing we had FHE with John and Briana again! But this time Sister Goade and I taught the lesson. We did the Christmas Story!! It was so much fun. Of course we used our sheets, flash light for the angel, Dixie's doll for baby john and Jesus! We just had a wonderful time hanging out with them. 
Well just to say the rain was really nice to us that night. JK. It was really hard for me to see and I wasn't the one driving. But we made it in one piece. 
Tuesday I decorated the entire house because it was Sister Goade's Birthday! I put balloons all over the place. I had so much fun doing it. 
Well we had District meeting. We built temples out of gram crackers. It was Macon vs Forsyth. Well just to say the Macon team thought they won but we went to Smokin Pig and the cashier said that Team Forsyth won!! Woot Woot!! 
Well it was so much fun. Then we went and saw some Less actives for a bit and then that night we went to Bill and Bernice. They are just the best! They went and bought socks and balloons for Sister Goade. Then we got to hear their happy birthday song. It was just the best! 
Wednesday we where able to see one of our Investigators that we haven't' seen since the beginning of November. It was the best. WE got in there ans she pulled out her Book of Mormon and she started to read! Wow it was so amazing! We where able to read the Tree of life story with her. She told us that she really enjoyed it. We asked her to read chapter 11 and compare it to chapter 8 in first Nephi. It would help her see Nephi's side. 
Thursday. Okay just to say Thursday was okay! We just where Weekly planning and all of the sudden we hear Tornado Warnings going off. So we get a phone call from Bernice to get off our floor to her floor. Man just to say Sister Goade and I get off the phone and not we didn't' grab any food. We just grabbed our Scriptures! It was so funny. The elders come to and we asked them if they got their Scriptures and they told us no. Well just to say I will never leave my scriptures in a Tornado! 
Well it went away almost around 3 and so we went back up and finished our Weekly planning. It was so powerful when we planned for our exchanges. Never knew how powerful it was till we found out that we needed to be at the places we need to be at. 
Well that night we went Christmas Caroling! IT was so much fun! I even wore my Santa hat! I really got in the Christmas Spirit that night!  
Well just to say because we did that someone told us to come back on Christmas! So we couldn't wait to see what happens. 
Friday!! It was Christmas! That was just the best! Just to say Sister Goade and I have Candy for a long time. 
The best thing was I was able to talk to my Family. The funny thing was when they answered I said : Hey Y'all" Well what do I have to say  I am in the south. Also it was really warm for Georgia this year for Christmas. It was over 80  degrees. Man it was hot here. But at the same time I didn't' mind.So back to the family. Awwww. I was so happy to see their faces! And can't wait to be there next Christmas!  This is going to be the best! Well just to say I love my family. I have no clue what I would do with out them. They just bring me joy. 
So we where able to See Charles again and we watched a Christmas Church approved movie. Nora's Christmas! It was so good. I really loved the message of it. 
Then that night we where able to see Bill and Bernice and Christmas Carol to them. They just loved it. They couldn't' wait to hear about us calling our families. 
Saturday was super funny! You wouldn't believe your eyes. We saw so many people with shorts on, walking their dogs, rollerblading some kids with swim trunks on with no shirts, etc. 
We also got to see Clifton. Just to say I think my ASL is coming along. I am getting to know more words every time we go over there. It was just one of those normal days. People who are gone for the holidays and us missionaries just trying to find someone to teach. 
Well Sunday was just the best! I just being at church. The spirit was so strong in Sacrament meeting. I just loved it. 
Well just to say Sister Goade and I where able to go to Priesthood again because Clifton came and President Cottle really wants him to listen to the lessons. So it gets pretty interesting.  
Well I hope y'all had a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful week!! I sure did. 
Well thought for the week. 
I read this morning and it was just wonderful. 
Doctrine and Convents 88:63
Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
John 8:12
Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.
I just love how we can always look to Christ. Knowing he is the light of all things. Knowing when ever we look for light or see light we can think of him. 
I sure do love y'all. Have a wonderful week. Thanks for all y'all do. 
Have the best day of your entire life. :)

Sister CharLynn McCulloch

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