Tuesday, February 16, 2016

#ChristmasJoy #Miracles in Charlotte, North Carolina: Kallie, December 28th

Hello family and friends!! Merry late Christmas and a happy new year
to you all! :)

This was such a great week! Full of miracles, laughter and lots of
fun!! :) on Monday we were able to go to a members home and we made
gingerbread houses and I was able to hang up snowflakes on their
ceiling that I had made for them, it was so much fun and looked
amazing! :) that night we went Christmas caroling! #itwasthebest I
love Christmas caroling!! It brings so much joy to know that I am
blessing the lives of those I am surrounded by, by singing and
smiling! You never know whose Life you are going to touch!!

Tuesday was the Mission Christmas conference! It was fun getting
together with other missionaries and getting in the Christmas spirit!
I was able to perform a musical number with my companion and a couple
of other missionaries! It was great being able to sing and share my
love of music!

On Wednesday we went to go talk with one of our investigators about
being humble and coming closer to Christ. We shared Ether 12:27 and
asked her what she thought it meant, she said it's about a guy who is
wanting a woman and longing for her... Well, let's just say she wasn't
quite understanding it so we read it again and told her what if meant.

Thursday we had dinner with an actual African princess! Her husband
was air to the throne but was murdered! She made really good food! She
and her daughter were baptized a while ago and love the choice they
made to be baptized! :)

Friday was Christmas!!! I felt so much Christlike joy as I spent the
day visiting less actives, investigators and members! We were able to
help people feel the love Christ has for them and strengthen
relationships with them! :) wahoo! I also loved being able to talk
with my family and share what I have been learning! I love being a
missionary!! It brings so much joy being able to see Myself change
along the side of everyone else I teach! :) #GodisGood

Saturday was such a good day! We were able to see one of the families
we have started teaching! The spirit was so strong tonight! We taught
the restoration and as we brought up baptism they smiled and said once
they knew it was true they would be baptized! #hugemiracle!! We are so
excited for them, they are going to be an eternal family! It reminds
me of when I was in Harrisburg with Sister Buckner and we would be on
our bikes and she would smile and shout "who wants an eternal
family!?" Now I can shout and say we found one! :)

Ponderizer: The scripture I chose to ponderize for the week is Alma
32:26-27." I think that's an amazing promise if we even act on a
"particle of faith", we're allowing God to grow it and let it change,
and mold us :) I have learned to trust that God would allow me to
grow!  And he has. God ALWAYS keeps his promises. I can testify of

Quote of the week:
" If great joy is the reward of saving one soul, then how terrible
must be the remorse of those whose timid efforts have allowed a child
of God to go unwarned or unaided so that he has to wait till a
dependable servant of God comes along. - President Thomas S. Monson

I hope you all have a great happy and safe new year!! Thank you for
all your love and support! Continue to trust in God and all things
will work out in the end!! :)

Love you all!!

Sister Kallie McCulloch

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