Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A crazy week! February 22, 2016

Well Hey Y'all, 
Well I just want to say, Didn't February Just Start? Just to say Time is flying by so fast? This Transfer is almost over! 
Well to put what we did was just get ready for Zone Conference! Time went by fast. 
Today was fun we had a lot of lessons. One of our investigators has been working on not smoking and she is doing so well. So loves when we come and visit because she loves that we can keep her busy and not smoke. 
Well just to say our Recent Convert Lauren texts us and asks us if she can come out with us. Who does that? We said sure! And went to her house and she took us to our next appointment. Just to say she is amazing! I love her. 
We had exchanges and I got to go to Savannah!! (yep mom I went to Savannah!) 
It was so much fun. We met some amazing people. During dinner the members had us to a little game out side that involved throwing a knife at a tree. Just to say it was so much fun. I enjoyed it so much. Well after words we went to the church and had a meeting and then we went out teaching! So much fun. 
We still where on exchanges and met this guy who said that we could come back. He has been though so much and told us that he wants to find the truth.   
Well exchanges ended and I went back to Pooler. We where able to see some more people. Just missionary work. Some answered the doors and some didn't. 
Friday was Zone Conference! Went we pulled up and parked the car and said hi to Elder Finlinson and Sister Finlinson I just lost it. I just miss the people in Forsyth. So much is happening there that I heard about. Sister Finlinson and I had a wonderful talk. Just to say she is just like a Grandma to me. ( my missionary Grandma ) Well just to say Zone Conference was so amazing. I learned so much. When Sister Cottle saw me she said I made her feel like she was in Macon. I just thought that was just the best. 
Well things went great at the meeting. Just to say I was writing a lot of notes. Also after lunch I was asked to say the prayer. When they got up to say that I was going to be saying the prayer; President Fussell looked at me and asked me if I was nervous. ( Just mouthing it.) It was so funny. 
Well just to say President Cottle gave a wonderful training! It was so good!  There where things that he said that I have never really thought about. Things that I am going to apply to the rest of my life. 
After our meeting we had pictures and it was fun. Just to say Sister Cottle Photo bombed one of the missionaries picture. Sister Cottle said she had so much fun doing that. 
Also Elder Finlinson came up to Sister Poynter and I and told us we are getting a new car. He told us that we where switching cars with the Elders. So we got rid of our 2013 car for a 2016 car. Just to say it was the same one I had in Forsyth!! But her name is Rosy not Suze. 
We had our weekly Planning because of Zone Conference and exchanges! 
Well just to say today was super fun because we had a baptism interview! just to say we have another Baptism!! This is so cool!  
Well just to say we had Stake Conference and an Area of the 70 came. Elder Himes (Hymes) I don't know how to spell it. But he came. Also President Fussell came too and spoke as well. 
Just to say the adult session was just wonderful. I learned so much from it. 
We had another Session of Stake Conference. Just to say Elder himes kept looking over at by bench. We had Lauren sitting by us. It was so much fun. Also there where a lot of things that where said in Stake Conference that was said as well in our Zone Conference. It was so cool! I loved it. I think it is so cool how Heavenly Father wants you to learn. 
Well after words we had a New member meeting with Elder Himes. Just to say we had a couple of people there so we where able to attend. Well just to say it was so cool to see how they became members of the church.( Those around the stake.) 
Well after words we went and had a Lesson with K__.  It went very well. Just to say wonderful things are going on. 
Later that night we went out with Lauren and she told us that Elder Himes told her that there where multiple times that he was going to call on her. Both Sessions but he ran out of time. I told her that is the reason why he kept looking over at us both sessions. At first I thought he was going to call on me to do something; but it was Lauren. 
Well just to say the plans didn't work as planned but we where able to talk about the book of Mormon with her and Family History!  Things are great. 

Continually studying the scriptures helps us keep our eyes,minds and hearts focused on the Savior, and as we apply and live the teachings found in the scriptures we become more like him.

I Sure do love y'all! I hope y'all have an amazing week. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Y'all are the best! 
Have the best day of your entire life. 
I love you!!  

New nickname: Tater Tot

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