Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's getting cold in Macon, Georgia: Charlie, January 4th

Hey all Y'all, 
Well this week has been so good! Things are going great here in Macon Georgia. It is just getting colder! :/ 
Monday was just a normal day. Went shopping and then we went and played soccer and Frisbee with the Elders. That was fun, forgot to bring a jacket so it was a little cold. 
Tuesday we went to see Clifton; it was so cold that we went inside and read scriptures with his family. That was super fun. They where able to see me pray so even better. After Clifton's we went and saw Briana. And then had a lesson with Charles. That was so cool. We were able to have a lesson on the Holy Ghost and played telephone with as a game. I miss playing those with a whole group. Also we where able to learn things about Charles that we have never learned before. It was so cool. 
Wednesday was just a normal day had lessons with those we love. But the cool thing was we where invited to a deaf church. Clifton invited us to come with him to his Jehovah Witness deaf church. So we thought there would be talking that I would be able to understand; nope Sister Goade and to help me out. But they talked about families which was cool. They wanted us to come back again. Thought it was cool that we took the time to visit with Clifton. 
Thursday we had our Famous Zone Training Meeting!! That was super fun. The Training were wonderful. Sister Goade and I trained on how we should answer on phones, door approaches and our text. Being an example. So we had a little skit and got 4 Elders to help. ( So our district) It was so much fun. The cool part is that we where able to learn more from the training that where given at ZTM then at MLC. 
After lunch we went and saw Ms. Hoyt and read Joseph Smith History with her. She just loved it. 
Then later on the day we had a lesson with Connie. We brought Briana with us and it was just an amazing lesson. We talked about what is holding her back to say in her Church. It was just amazing. The funny fact we had the lesson in Hardy's and the owner comes up to us and we talked for a bit and then he started preaching to us. When we got in the car we thought that was a little funny. 
But Connie's lesson was just amazing. It truly helped me out; knowing that the spirit works through us of what we need to say.  
Friday we had our Weekly Planning!! Woot Woot!! 
We had amazing lesson with Bernice! She told us about a movie she watch and started quoting something and we both looked at each other and she was telling the story that Sister Goade and I know. "The Son" Knowing if you take the Son you will get so much. 
We where able to teach the Law of Chasity to Tanisha. That was so good. We used the Family Proclamation to the World. It truly helps when you really don't know what to say. 
After Tanisha's we went to see Sister Hammond and her Husband was there. So we had a great conversation with the Finlinsons and them.  After words we went to see Bill and Bernice and share scriptures in the Book of Mormon. 
Saturday we went out to see our Referral we got from our District leader. Who he got from his Grandpa who is a bishop in BYU Idaho Single ward. 
So we went out there and the guy was interested. He asked us to come back that night to bring him a Book of Mormon. Sadly he was in the Shower when we came back so we are going to go back soon. We where able to have great lessons. We had one with Bruce and it was a little sad. He told us that he was going to call us when he wanted to learn more. That he was going to search and pray if this is the church for him. 
Sunday was just great. Church was amazing!! We had 38 people at Church. Connie had an amazing experience at church. She expressed her feeling in Relief Society. It really was so cool to hear her say it to us on the phone when we called her later that night. 
Well also President Cottle gave us permission that if we didn't have any lessons in the evening that we could watch the Young Adult Devotional. Wow. It was truly amazing. I loved the things that he told us.
I Know that we do have a living Prophet Thomas S. Monson. That he does lead and guide us on what we need to know at this time. I know that Heavenly Father does hear and answer our prayer at the right time. I know that someday we will be able to live with him someday and with our love ones. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that each time I read it that I learn something new each time I read it. I know that Joseph Smith restored this gospel back onto the earth; the same gospel that Christ had. I know that we are here at the right time to help those come to Christ. I know that I will be able to live with my family forever and ever. And I am so grateful for my Savior for all he has done for me. 

This week I have learned so much and I could really feel the love that my Father in Heaven has for me. I sure can't wait to see what happens in the Future! 
I sure do love all y'all. 
Have the Best day of your entire life. 
My Soul fins rest in God alone....He alone is my rock and salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken. Psalm 62: 1-2

"There is one thing the power of God and the power of Satan have in Common: Neither can influence us unless we allow them to. 
Sheri L. Dew

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