Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Transfers: Charlie December 14, 2015

Well Hey Y'all, 
This has been a wonderful week! I can't believe the Transfer has gone by so fast! Well just to say this has truly been a great week.  
Monday Sister Goade and I went down to Macon to spend one of the Assistants ( Elder Owen) last p-day in the mission. So as a district we just had fun. We also  practiced our song for Zone Conference. Yes I did a little solo. Just 1 verse. We Sang the song Hallelujah but with Christ's Birth in the song. All of us got to take a picture in front of the office. Sister Cottle took the picture and she got President Cottle in there. All of us where wearing our Christmas Sweaters! It was so much fun!! 
Tuesday we woke up at 5:30 to travel down to Tifton for our Zone Conference! Well just to day Sister Goade had fun talking pictures of me sleeping on the way up there. But at least I got some rest. The cool thing is we got to see Sister Foster!! Aww it was just the best!! Long lost Companion is found. Well the song went well. President gave us a little gift. 
We got to watch a movie!! Ephraim's Rescue!! I just love this movie. It is just the best! Cried a lot through it. Just thought about family who crossed the plains for us. It was the best gift ever!! After that we went out to eat at Zackby's. Just to say they have some in Utah! 
Well we didn't get home till 9:15 pm. So we just got ready for bed. Which was fine because I was so tired. 
Wednesday we had exchanges. We had lunch at O'Charley's! It was so good. Also it was Free Pie Wednesday! Which was even amazing! Well I got to go to Cochran! Which was so much fun. Funny fact. I got to go to their missionary correlation. I thought for a bit and told Sister DaMann that the last time I went to one was in North Augusta. Because we are in a group we don't the chance to have one. It was fun to be there. 
Thursday we went to Briana's and went on a little walk. It was so nice. We just helped Briana get out of the house and go for a fun walk. Well we had a wonderful day we went over to see Connie one of our Investigators and she made us cake. It was so much fun. We just talked to her and helped her out for a bit. She said she really wanted to make us something because every one devises to have a great holiday. It was just a wonderful day! 
Friday we had our Weekly Planning Session! That was fun. It didn't even feel nervous about planning for the next transfer. 
Well just to say also I hit my 10 month mark! Wow time just flies by so fast! I can't believe it.  Well just to say we had lunch at Taco Bell and after lunch we had a lesson with someone. Sister Goade was totally in tune. The guy was trying to bible bash but Sister Goade stumped him. It was so cool. I just love my Companion. Well just to say we cleaned out the fridge and I had a little fun. I tried to see if I could fit in and it worked. It was so much fun. 
Okay just to say that was pretty fun. Sister Goade and I just took pictures with everyone we had lessons with. Because we didn't know if we where going to get transferred or not. We got to put up a tree. That was lots of fun. I just love Christmas!!! :) Well before Transfer calls I was getting a little nervous. I couldn't keep still. I had never felt like this ever before. Well just to say Sister Goade and I are not being Transferred!! So exciting!! I can't wait!! This is going to be awesome!! 

Well just to say things are going great! 

Thought for the week! 
God Cares a lot more about who we are and who are becoming than about who we once were. He cares that we keep on Trying! 

I love y'all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for all you do! You are amazing!! 
11 days till Chrsitmas! 

Have the best day of your entire life. 

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