Tuesday, February 23, 2016

1 YEAR!!!!!! Charlie: February 16, 2016

Hey Y'all, 
Well this week has been super crazy! Just to say great things happened! 
Monday it was of course our day to prepare for the week. Well Just to say after 6 we went to see some investigators. We had a real nice talk about The Plan of Salvation! It was so good! I have never had it like that ever. They had so many questions that we where able to answer and they loved it. After words we went out and  saw Lauren! We had her baptism interview! It went well! Just to say after words we had a great talk with her and her husband. 
Tuesday we had a great day. We had wonderful lessons with everyone. We even helped someone clean. I love cleaning! Mom you know me when I clean: I work so hard and get the job done. 
We had dinner with some members. By the way they went to Utah State which made me smile. They can see where we live. (not the actual house but the street) 
Well after words we went out and saw some more people. We even saw Lauren again! She is getting so excited for Saturday! 
Wednesday we had an amazing lesson with Kim! I really felt like I am here for her a little. To help her understand things. She told me she loved how I explained things in the lesson. I felt really good inside. Well just to say we tried a lot of people, but plans didn't work out as planned. But we had an amazing lesson with Lauren on prophets, and obey the laws! I loved it. 
Thursday we had Zone Training Meeting!  I loved it. I saw a few missionaries I knew. Also during one of the Training we read a part in the White handbook and a part stood out to me and I expressed my feelings on it and then they told me that is what President F. Really expressed on as well. I just thought to my self. The spirit works in wonderful ways. 
After words we went to Lunch and sadly Chick-Fi forgot my order again.But I was the first one to get next. Well we had a nice talk with the missionaries! Then we went and helped the English Elders again with the ward roster! we have to go through over 600 names and see if they are still here or not interested anymore. 
Also today was my Year Mark! Wow I can't believe I have been out for an entire year! Time flies by fast. 
Well the rest of the day we tried a few people and then went to see Lauren again and talked about Service and missionary work. It went very well. Lauren told us see can't wait to come out with us once she is baptized. It made us laugh. We brought a member with us. And they just had a fun talk. 
Friday was Weekly planning. We saw a few people. Today was a little slower. Things didn't work out but that is missionary work. But no work is ever wasted. 
Saturday!!!! Well today was a super fun day. We went and had a lesson with Olivia! She is a recent Convert. We talked about missionary work. We talked about how we came on a mission. It was so cool to here that she went to the meeting in Macon about missionary work. The same one I went to and shared my experience. I loved it. 
Well after words we went and talked to Lauren and finished up somethings. And talked about her baptism. It was so much fun. Also we had some laughs. Well after words we left to the Church to fill up the font and to get ready for her Baptism. 
The baptism was a baptism no one has ever had before. just to say the font was draining while the baptism talk was going on. Also during the talk they where filling pitchers of water and poring it in at the same time. Just to say she had to be baptized on her knees. It was so crazy. I never ever thought that would happen in my life. Things went well. After words we talked for a bit. Then we went over to Michele's for dinner. We had a nice talk with her after words. Then we went and tried a few people. 
Sunday was a great day. Lauren came and received the Holy Ghost. Also I was able to sing in Church. It went well. Brother Rainy came up to me and said that he has never seen so many people cry during a musical number. I felt a little bad but felt good all at the same time. 
Well I got told by the Spanish Elders that they thought that the tempo was going to get a little faster but it just stayed the same. The song I sung was" Emma" from the Nashville band. This was the song that the Sisters where going to sing before I came but they moved it to a couple a weeks down and I got picked to sing it. 
Well we had a good week! it was super fun. Later that night we went and heart attack less actives, investigators and some members in the ward. Just to say we did a lot of door bell ditching. We didn't want to get caught. 
Yesterday we washed the car and tried a lot of people and then ended up headed somewhere and thought that Lauren should come with us. 
After we had that lesson she told us that it was so much fun. And she can't wait to go again.

Thought this week: As we lose ourselves in the Service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness. - President Dieter F. Uchdorf  

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