Monday, August 31, 2015

Power of the Spirit Week

This was a miracle filled week!!!

Monday: we played basketball, no surprise there! ;) It was really good! We met with Maria today, she is so excited for baptism on the 12 of September! She asked us "so am I being baptized on Sunday or Saturday?" We told her on Saturday and she was really excited and said "I want to be baptized at 10!!" We are really excited for her! She is the one who is planning this baptism and knows who she wants to speak! Its so exciting to see the path she has taken and the love that she has for the gospel! It has truly changed her!

Tuesday: We had exchanges, I stayed in the area and well, don't really know the area that well, but before I explain why. The roads here in North Carolia are insane! They cut off random roads and you have no way of finding your way around without driving 10 miles. So, we got lost for 45 minutes driving around and watching the miles climb. Worst part was that we had a GPS! But the GPS didn't know any of the roads were cut off! That night we saw M____ and had a powerful lesson about the Word of Wisdom and the atonement. M____ said that he felt guilty and never felt the spirit so strong. I never knew that I could speak like that and have that kind of words come out of my mouth. It was truly amazing!

Wednesday: We smashed pennies on the train track!! It was so much fun!!! We also met a lady Mrs. Ashley! She is the cutest lady! She has a lisp and invited us to have fig with her and fried pies! Well, I think that old people don't have taste buds because this didn't have any flavor or taste. It was completely blan!! The rest of our appointments fell through at night so we did lots of finding, but no success.

Thursday: We had Zone Conference! It was really good! We learned about how to work with the Bible and tie it into the Book of Mormon. It was a really great meeting!! We love our new Mission President! He is going to continue to do great things!! We met with Mattie and Her daughter again this week! They were really excited to come to church this week! They have been reading the book of Mormon and told us about everything they were reading. :) SOLID!!!

Friday: We went and saw our less active member R____ She has been struggling a lot lately and has felt like the world is caving in on her. She is so great and knows that she needs to come to church in order to help her feel of Gods love and spirit in her life. She is great! We also went and taught R____ He is great!!! He hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon but he defended us when people were talking bad on us. WE taught him the Restoration and as he was praying in the end he was crying! His emotions were too much and couldn't hold back the fact that he felt the spirit! BEST LESSON!!

Saturday: We did service for a lady in our ward. It will be a work in progess but it was so fun to get out and serve people. We finally got in contact with the MAJORS!!!!! they have been ignoring us for the past 3 weeks!! We had a powerful lesson with  them and read the Book of Mormon with them. They felt t he spirit and want to come to church.

Sunday: It was a great Sunday!!! I spoke on prayer and the power of prayer and we trust in God when we go through our trials. By Coming unto Him. The set of Elders spoke as well! WE had the room in tears by the end of the meeting! I love church!! Cassie, Maria, Myyanna, Veronica and Mattie came!! It was amazing! Most awkward part of church was when a member of the bisopbric stood up and started to talk about missionary work and said "everyone stand up and say hello to the person standing behind you." So everyone did and....IT GOT SOOO LOUD!!! The spirt was gone, when everyone sat down, the Elder next to me nudged me and said "now you need to bring the spirit back!!" Well, we brought it back and everyone said it was the best sacrament meeting yet!!"

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Sister McCulloch

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