Monday, August 17, 2015


Hey y'all

This week was well, crazy! Full of laughs, awkward moments and evenings of dancing in the rain!

Monday: went to defy gravity! It is a trampoline place. We played dodgeball and trampoline basketball! It was lots of fun, we didn't let the fun end after our hour of exhilaration so we all went to the church and played hand soccer and basketball. Obviously elders here on a mission think that sisters can't play we were playing basketball I would have the ball passed to me occasionally and with those occasional shots I would make it and they would be in awe, needless to say they started passing to me more. The next morning we all woke up sore from all the exercise and moving of the muscles for 4+ hours!

Tuesday: I don't think that this day could of been any more awkward. Early this morning we were finding in an area and one of our former investigators was visiting his friend, he saw us and said "hey girls....I know you!!" I was reaching out to shake his hand and Then out of the blue I had arms wrapped around me! I just about freaked out, then went for sister B afterwords. It was the most awkward moment of my life!  In the afternoon We were going to find investigators that we met the week before. We stopped by this man named James, as we were getting his information I wrote his first name down ( because I remembered it) and asked him for his last name, his mouth dropped and he said "marry me!?" In all seriousness. To my reply was "excuse me?" Then he said "you don't even have to remember how much I earn!" I in reply was like " thanks, but no thanks!" We shook hands goodbye and I made no eye contact. After I was done shaking his hand he then said " oh so now your gonna grip me like that? Last time you were softer" it was so AWKWARD!!! Then he smiled at me and said with a creepy grin.."think about it!" Yeah, there is nothing to think about. He is mentally dropped and we aren't going back anytime soon!

Wednesday: wasn't really too exciting, we met really nice people though. We did have a couple with a few potentials. We talked a lot about temples and eternal families! We shared a picture of the temple and started a conversation that way. We asked them if they wanted to be eternal and live with there families forever. They said yes. We shared about Jesus Christ and the restored gospel. We taught about how Joseph smith restored the church and that it is the only church on the earth that is correct! We shared how the church was lost but that it was restored once again!
,they were really excited and invited us back, for lunch and a lesson! Yay!! we had a really good district meeting, and then we saw Monbo and had a serious lesson with him, setting some solid expectations with him because he hasn't been keeping any.  Like a pre-drop lesson. After dinner with the Bledsoes we went to one of the charlotte hoods where a less active and a couple investigators live.  We were walking down the street and his drunk lady outside stopped us.  She said I must have been a hippie before being a missionary because of my long hair, and she couldn't say s. My  name.  She called me sister Mahoo. We told her and her friend to stop being intoxicated.  Then we met these two guys, and told them how Christ's church was on the earth, invited them to church and they said no.  So we told them, "we just told you Christ's church is on the earth, and you're not going to come?".  So we left them our number for when they want to come.  I think they were also kind of drunk.

Thursday: we met a man named kimmerlin! He is so great! He asked us what we were doing, so we told him we were missionaries and gave him the spill on what we do. We invited him to Church and he said no. We started having a little sister sass with him, I told him "we just told you that Jesus Christ's one and only true church is on the earth, and you still don't want to come to his church!" He paused and said "I will come next week!" We then said "don't procrastinate the day of your repentance!" It was intense! He still didn't want to come to church, maybe one day he will be elect!

Friday: was another day of finding, it wasn't really anything exciting. All of our appointments fell through,Dinner was super awkward too, it was supposed to be at 5:30, we got there right in time.  And The member wasn't even home!  Her mother in law and kids were there. Needy said she would be home in a few minutes with the food.  45 minutes later..... She comes home with sandwich supplies, and i was super sad because i can't have gluten, so I had baby lettuce wraps. 

Saturday the Ward had a big service project at a local middle school, cleaning it and getting it ready for school.  They pulled weeds and cleaned up a whole courtyard and power washed the cement and we helped a lot of teachers get their classrooms ready.  There was one room that had naughty words on the wall.  We covered it up with a cat poster about making friends :) it was fun.  Then at night, the gublers neighborhood had a party thing, so we went for the food, and to meet new people.  We met one lady who just officially moved down here whose  dad is a member and serving in the D.C. Temple right now. We tried to see Ricardo with sister machado, he wasn't home, so we  walked back and it started raining,  we were all really wet when we got back to the car.

Sunday Cassie came to church, and Raina came to church with a friend and two of her grandkids, and it was all about service!  The sacrament talks were about service, and Sunday school was about service, and RS was about moms and dads.

Quote of the week: Life by the yard is hard; by the inch it's a cinch. Each of us can be true for just one day--and then one more and then one more after that--until we've lived a lifetime guided by the Spirit, a lifetime close to the Lord, a lifetime of good deeds and righteousness."
—Thomas S. Monson

Love you all! Hope you have a great week! 

Love always and forever!

Sister McCulloch 

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