Tuesday, August 25, 2015

If I had a million dollars...

I really miss Kallie and her quirky sense of humor.  She always had us laughing at home.  Her emails sound like her.  She has had some amazing experiences.  I am so grateful for these sister missionary daughters of mine.  They have greatly blessed my life!

Hello Everybody!

This week was a great week! Full of miracles and excitement!

Monday: we played basketball at the church today. I feel like we are going to be fit missionaries here in central charlotte. The rest of the day was just finding and trying to teach people. It was pretty laid back.

Tuesday: The best part about today was Dinner, not because we had food but because of who we ate with, we ate dinner with a Baptist! Our lesson afterword's was intense! we taught about the Plan of Salvation. As we were teaching about the spirit world she hushed me and said that that wasn't true and she didn't believe it. I didn't like being hushed and said "we are here telling you about Christ's true church, you don't have to accept what we say but we do want you to listen." She listened and w started having a conversation. She started to slowly accept it and we said "well, if your not baptized here you can be baptized in the spirit world and then she laughed in discussed as if we were dumb. But, in all seriousness we exclaimed that God loves us and wants to give us a second chance, and a third and so on. In the end she said "If I am not baptized into your church before I die, you can come baptize me in the spirit world!"

Wednesday: It poured rain today!! We got drenched!! We had a miracle moment and got to Meet this adorable old lady named Maddie. She is 88 with dementia. She doesn't remember much, and when we showed her the picture of Jesus she asked us who the person was and when we said "Jesus" she pulled the picture close and started to cry! It was precious and adorable! She told us over and over again to "come by" when we have the chance. she may not be baptized here in this life but will be in Heaven! We love her so much! She said a couple of funny things she said "If I had a million dollars I would give you some (pointing to Sister Buckner) and then you (pointing to me) we both said "oh that's sweet of you" Then she flat out said "oh you know I am just kidding, I wouldn't really give you any money, because I don't have money" It was sooo cute! As we were coming home it started to rain, we were on our bikes and we got soaked again, it was a really warm rain. We danced in the rain when we got back to our aparte ad then had to quickly go change because our ride for dinner was coming. After dinner we went to go see Cassie and it was pouring rain so hard and then there was a REALLY loud thunder! It was SOOO loud it shook everything in the house, it was the BEST thing ever!!! on our way home S. Buckner was impressed to stop by a man named Jose, he said he wanted to meet with us next Monday because he was interested!! yay!

Thursday: Such a good day with great lessons happening! Tisha Raina's sister and she wanted to join today for Raina's lesson, she wants to change her life and follow Christ more.  We taught the doctrine of Christ, once we started talking about baptism, Tisha had questions about if everyone goes to heaven, so I was able to teach the last part of the plan of salvation. We explained that baptism by proper authority is necessary to enter the celestial kingdom, Raina shared her experience with baptism.  Tisha said she would be baptized, but asked how she could know the right authority is on the earth.  We then briefly explained the restoration, and how she could know herself through prayer and reading the BoM, which she has already started reading! Raina shared how she knew the church was true, and Tisha wants to be baptized and said she would have to meet with us a few more times!!!  :)

Friday:Maria accepted a baptismal date! This lesson was a miracle lesson! we have been trying really hard with her to accept a date and be baptized. She opened up to us and told us that she wanted to waited until the end of December. We helped her see the importance of why we are baptized and need to be baptized as soon as we can and feel ready. She told us  that she will pray about the date we set! We are excited for her and know that she will progress and feel the love of God in her life as she turns to him for answers!

Saturday: I loved today! We have a lot of trains in our area, and I have wanted to smash pennies on the train track, so as we were coming home we stopped by the track and put Pennies on train track! We put it on the track and has 1 minute till the train came, as it brushed over the penny it flew in the air about 10 feet in front of me. It was exciting!!! :D

Sunday: Maria came to church!!!! met Veronica (maddies daughter) she invited us into her home and was so very grateful that we come and see her Mom, she said that she doesn't remember anything but she could remember us and she didn't know why! She was amazed and over joyed! As we were leaving Maddie got up and hugged us, her daughter saw and cried
when we hugged her mom. She was so chocked up and overwhelmed with the spirit. She told us that they want to come to church with us. Veronica wants to start going to church and find a church where she feels she belongs. They both can't wait till church on Sunday!

Quote of the Week:
"The way to feel better about your own situation is to improve someone else’s circumstances."
—Ezra Taft Benson

Scripture of the Week: Mosiah 23:21-22! have faith in God through all of your circumstances! :D

I sure love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister McCulloch

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