Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Charlie's interesting week

Charlie has always been our little Miss Merry Sunshine.  She just rolls with the punches.  From her multiple emails and letters that were sent to me this week, I think she had a rough week.  I know she's really missing Sister Richardson.  Several of the ward members from the North Augusta ward email on a regular basis with pictures and updates so I know she's being taken care of.

Well Hey Y'all,
 Well this week was very interesting!!! So of course we had Transfers!! My companion is from Brigham City!! She has been out for 4 months!! So they put the ones who haven't been out that long together!!!
Well Transfers meetings where super Amazing!!! 
Well we had John S. ( one of the piano Guys) at our transfer meeting!! His daughter was done with her mission!! It was so cool!!! Well this means I have met 2/? of the Piano guys!!! Super amazing!! 

Well so we drove home with the members!!! I totally thought that the car was going to start!! So they left, after we came back out of the church we tried the Car. Nothing!!! WE did it again!! Nothing!! 
So I called a member telling them our car won't start!! So she comes over and uses the battery starter! Nothing happened. This wasn't cool!! So we waited again!! And the Van with the elders comes by and asks what is wrong. So we tell them. Finally they jumped the car and it worked!! Super great!! Well of course I had to let the Mission know!! So we where at a part member family's house and the mission calls telling us that the car needs to be looked at. So they told us to keep it at the members house!! So we left it and got a ride back to our house!! 
Well that meant we where out of a car!! 
So this week we had to share the car with the Elders!! The worst thing was that it rained so much this week!! It was on and off that either one of us would be walking in the rain!!! 

Well the good thing that happen on Saturday is that we found out that our car was fixed!! Yeahy !!! I was so happy!! 
I never knew how much cars are so great to have in a big area!! until you lose it!! 
Well the members where so nice to help us out this week with rides!! They are just amazing!! 

Well to good thing this morning is we have our car!! Runs good!! our battery was the problem so they switched it out!! 

Well quote for the week!! 
Isaiah 49:16 
Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me

I just love how we are his hands!! And that we can just help everyone around us!! 

Well I Love ya!! hope things are going well!! 
Have an amazing week!! Thanks for all you do!!! 
Have the best day of your entire life!! 

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