Monday, August 10, 2015

Kallie: Transfer Slump

Hello Y'all!!

It has been a great week! From getting stopped by drunk people and
being attacked by birds, I would say it was a pretty successful week!
It's transfers week, and we are both staying together another
transfers! Yay!!

Monday: we had preparation day, a few of the missionaries wanted to go
back the NASCAR speedway again because they didn't get the chance. So
we did, it was great! although we didn't get  go 150 mph because they
had the legend cars on the track practicing. They decided that they
were going to let us watch a race, for FREE! Missionaries love that
word. Anyways, we got to go sit in the stands and watch a race, it was
pretty amazing. We traveled back home and met some less active members
after dinner. one family we met was really surprised to see us, but
they let us right in and told us upfront that they know we should go
to church but was glad we were there to have a discussion and help
strengthen there family! as we were about to leave the daughter asked
us if we would say a prayer to keep the feeling in there home strong.
I love being a missionary and being able to help people come closer to
Chris and keep the spirit strong in there home.

Tuesday: I got attacked by baby birds. We were coming out of a lesson
and I was backing up my companion from the driveway and all of a
sudden this bird lands on me, I swatted it off and then the other baby
bird jumped on my back. I was swinging all over the place trying to
get rid of them as my companion was laughing hysterically in the car.
That evening we had amazing lesson with a Recent Converts Mother who
isn't a member. We were able to teach the Restoration, Short, and
powerfully! We all walked out of there shocked what happened. The lady
we taught said she was going to read the Book of Mormon and if she
knows the Book is true that she will change. She is grateful to know
that Christ's church is on the earth, but doesn't really want to make
that commitment. Christ sacrificed himself for you, so why can't you
sacrifice your religion, for his?

Wednesday: A day full of finding and contacting less active members,
but no luck. We did however stop by a former investigators to see how
they were doing and they weren't reading the Book of Mormon anymore.
Sister B. was really bold and told them the importance of the Book of
Mormon and why we have it, that there is no way that the book wouldn't
be true, because Joseph Smith wouldn't make something up like that.
They felt rebuked and said that the will read because they want the
guidance and direction that we have and feel. We had dinner with one
of our members and they are hilarious! He was going off about one of
his uncles who passed away or something and he said "I'm gonna slap
you right through the veil... but when you get to heaven and they see
what you did, you will get slapped right back." It was hilarious!!

Thursday: We had weekly planning in the morning, so we were inside
pretty much the whole morning, but our afternoon was busy with lot of
appointments. We were able to meet with some of our Progressing
investigators. One of our investigators M____ She is working on
strengthening her faith and learning to rely on the Savior. She told
us that she was having a really bad day but then she remembered to
read the book of Mormon and to pray. She is strengthening her
testimony so much from just the few times we have seen her. She is
definitely letting the Atonement set in her life and break free from
her past to come closer to Christ. She is truly amazing!

Friday: We had Zone Meeting today, we learned about being concentrated
missionaries. We learned about how much love we have to have to want
to sacrifice and want to give up possessions or habits to come closer
to Christv,and  things that we wanted to change as missionaries to
become more consecrated. Some of my favorite stuff we learned was,
"The small things are sometimes the hardest things to give up!" We
learned that we need to make his purpose our purpose, because now is
the time to be prepared for the coming of Christ. We need to be
willingly to choose. To do his will. One quote that someone said that
I loved was "Extraordinary missionaries will do things ordinary
missionaries won't."

Thought of the Week:
Keeping a testimony is just as important as gaining one in the first
place. President Monson said, “If you feel that you do not yet have
the depth of testimony you would wish, I admonish you to work to
achieve such a testimony. If it is strong and deep, labor to keep it
that way. How blessed we are to have a knowledge of the truth

Sure love you and hope you have a great week!

Love always and forever!

Sister McCulloch

Kallie had a tough time this week.  She was really missing her dad so she sent me this photo of the two of them that makes her laugh.  :)

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