Thursday, September 10, 2015

And then there were two...

We picked up Lonnie from the airport.  It was crazy.  There were 12 missionaries on her flight from Houston so there were balloons, little kids, and screaming babies all over the place.  The monitor showed that her plane had landed so we watched until it said "arrived."  It never did so Jesse, Steve, and I missed her grand entrance.  Luckily for us, Jack and Maddie were up top taking pictures as she walked down that long hall before arriving in baggage claim.  Was so wonderful to see her.  Words cannot express my feelings upon hugging my darling girl/dear friend I hadn't seen in 18 months.  She was breathtaking and just glowed.  My beautiful Lonnie!
It was bittersweet being at the airport that day.  I was already very emotional but when I realized that exactly a year ago, Ben, Kaloni, Jayson, Charlie, and I had been sitting in that exact spot waiting for Chuck to walk off the plane from Nebraska, I was even more emotional.  Who knew then the life changing events that would occur during the next year?!
It was a sweet experience meeting with President P so he could release Lonnie. [ Our dear friends, Gene (Pres. P) and Curt (Bishop L) were kind enough to meet us in Riverton so we didn't have to drive all the way to Fountain Green.]  It was definitely an emotional but very spiritual experience. These two men mean so much to our family. My Chuck certainly knew how to pick best friends!!! 

Lonnie will be reporting her mission to the Moroni Stake High Council and speaking in the Fountain Green 1st ward in the near future. (Curt has yet to give me a date)  It's wonderful to have her home!!!

                                           Lonnie with a friend of Aunt Sheri's in Houston

Steven outdid himself with the Welcome Home signs!

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