Monday, September 28, 2015


For those of you wondering about Lonnie...  She is in Provo at BYU.  She rooms with her cousin, Hannah McCulloch, and they are having a ball!  She has been over to Uncle Seth and Aunt Tina's for dinner...which she loved.  She goes to the temple every week and is slowly making a dent in my stack of women's endowments that need doing.  She has gone on several dates and spends a lot of time with Sisters Hunter, Savage, and Call, from her mission.  They have a group that goes out regularly for authentic Mexican food.

Her official homecoming is Sunday, October 18th at 12 noon in the Fountain Green 1st Ward chapel. She and I report to the High Council at 6 am.  It's going to be a very long day!  But I'm looking forward to hearing her report.  She hasn't decided whether she is going to bear her testimony in Spanish or Kriol.  I vote for Kriol.  You should hear her read from the Bible in Kriol!  It's AWESOME!!!

She is still very much in missionary mode and shares the gospel with everyone she comes in contact with.  This past weekend, it was the tech support gal in India.  :)  Way to go, Lonnie!!!

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