Monday, September 21, 2015

We went on splits

Hey y'all,
Well this week has been super good!!
Well Tuesday after we just got done with saying what we learned the mission calls us!!
So they want us to take our car in to get an oil change and get new tires!! So we go in thinking it is not going to take that long at all. But we were at pep boys for over 2 hours!! I was so bored! You can only walk around the store so many times before you get bored!!
But things went great! We where able to go back to north Augusta and finally eat around 1:30.

Well we truly had a great week!! bumped into people that the lord had ready for us to come!!
The bug people came!! I was so happy when they came and sprayed the inside of the house and the outside!! After that I got to go weeding!! Awww! I just love weeding. It felt so good to get the dirt between the fingers! Had amazing lessons!! Also Book of Mormon class was super good!! Love reading the book of Mormon!! Makes me so happy!!

Well just to say the lord protects his missionaries!! We had gone to these apartments and there are sometimes we come at the wrong time!! But the people there around 7 where really drunk!! So glad that I could go in to our lesson and out of our lesson with no problem with the people outside drinking!! I never have walked so fast to the car after a lesson in my entire life before!!
We also got to have great lessons with those who haven't had the time to come to church in a long time!!

Weekly planning!! Wow we planned for week 6!! wow time has gone by super fast!! I can' t believe it!! It is super crazy!! But that is how things are!! Life goes by fast in a blink of an eye!! Well a lot of our plans didn't work so we where trying to find people to teach all over the place!!

We were able to go on splits!! We went to a members daughter's house who isn't a member and her husband answered the door and told us we could come back on Saturday around 4! Funny part we didn't look that we where having a lesson with one of our progressing investigators at that time. So we decided to call members and go out in splits. It was super amazing!! I had so much fun!! My first time ever and I was able to do it here in North Augusta!!

Well of course one of the members took us out to eat after words at a Mexican place here. It was so good!!

Sunday was amazing! It was stake conference and they talked about the Sabbath!! I  just loved it. A member took us out to see it in the stake center!! I just love being there in person!! makes you really focus really hard!! The cool part was we where able to see a very less active and her husband and said that we could come back anytime. It made me so happy!!
I really had a great day on Sunday!!! Saw a lot of people!! Well I hoped you had a great day!!
We went to a members house and the little boy make a little me out of his blocks!! It was super fun!! Then he made a little him!!

Thought for the week:
John 5:39
Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

I know that as we search the scriptures we will be able to know what the lord has in store for us and that he will help us in our life and help us reach that goal!!!

Well have a great day!! I sure do love you!!
Have the best day of your entire life!!
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