Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Slept in a car...

I guess sleeping in the car was traumatic for Sister Bitty Bug.  Either that or it was very exciting.  :) We had our own carbon monoxide scare a few months ago.  The detector went off in the night...boy is that alarm loud!!!  I think my heart raced for days afterwards.  Luckily for us, we didn't have to sleep in the car.  Several of us would have had to sleep on the lawn...in the snow! (Now we have this wonderful van so we could all fit!)
As they say in North Carolina, have a blessed week!

Hey Y'all,
Well just to say this week was a very strange week. Not a lot of things happened. 
Just to say we had lessons but things turned out different. 
So to start off my letter, 
Monday we had a normal day. Had a fun day and went out with Lauren for the rest of the night seeing people. We saw M____ and she had a good time. Then after that we saw Sister Norton. She just loved her. We had a wonderful talk with her. Just to say Lauren wants to call her everyday and talk with her. It was so cool to see that. After we got home we smelled like smoke really bad. So just to say I couldn't wait to get in the P.J's 
Tuesday we decided to go out and not use our car. So we walked for a bit to the area we where headed to  and one of our investigators saw us and picked us up and we went to her house for a lesson. It was a lot of fun. After that we saw a few more people and then went home for dinner and then headed out to teach a lesson with Lauren again but the guy never gave us his address. So we just had a lesson with Lauren. 
Wednesday we had exchanges. It was so much fun. Miracle: We went over to see Ms. Margret before exchanges and found out that her power was out and just to say her chair was high in the air. But the sad thing was so was stuck in the air. So we went over to the dollar store and bought some batteries for her chair. Just to say she was able to come down and feel great. She told us that we came at the right time. Just when she needed us. Well we had exchanges and I was with Sister Brown and we stayed in Pooler. It was so much fun. 
Thursday we had Zone Training Meeting and just to say it was wonderful. After lunch Sister North and I got stuck in Traffic which we where in for 1hr. But everything went great. So we went home and saw a few more people. 
Friday was our fun Weekly Planning. After Weekly Planning we went out with Lauren to see M___. She was so happy to see us. We talked our teaching and learning. It was just the best. After that Sister North and I went to our dinner and we had the chance to make our own Pizzas. It was so much fun. After that we helped a family moved in. And guess where they moved from.......UTAH! 
So just to say they drove all the way here. Took them 4 days. They where so happy to see the help they got to unload the truck.( the things that they needed.) Well they where so surprised to see 6 missionaries in the ward. She told me that she was just used to sharing missionaries in the stake. 
Just to say it was fun to unload the truck made me think for a moment that I was home unloading our truck. 
So Saturday was very interesting....
Just to say our lovely Carbon monoxide alarm went off at 3:00 in the morning. Scared me to death. So we didn't know what to do so we called the mission nurse. Just to say she sounded wide awake. So she told us to call the fire department. So we did. So they came over and checked it out. They picked up a .1 and told us that wasn't bad but it should be at 0. 
So they had to check next door to see if they had any in theirs. So the police man went and knocked. They came out and didn't find anything. Well just to say we went back into our place and I just had a horrible feeling inside. So after that Sister Finlinson called us and we told her. She then called President Cottle and he then called us. So just to he asked us to call the savannah Sisters to see if we could come over there. But they didn't anwser their phone. So President told us to grab blankets and go into the car, and lock it. Just to say I thought the car would be nice to sleep it. Just to say I thought wrong. It sure was hard to sleep in the car at 4:30 in the morning. Mom you know me when I am awake; I am awake. 
While I was lying there I prayed really hard that we would have angels with us watching over us.
Just to say I know that I had family watching over me. 
We got told by President to study at the church. So we woke up got ready and then went to the church. The gas man  came so we drove back down and found out everything was fine. 
Also President called us during studies to make sure we where okay. Sister Cottle gave us permission to take a nap because of what happened to us this morning. We where so happy. 
Well just to say the Elders had a baptism and after that we had a dinner with the Creeks and had a wonderful lesson. 
Just to say I was praying so hard that our alarm would not go off again. 
Church was amazing! The spirit was so strong. I loved every sec. of it. 
We taught a few lessons then went home. 

C- Choose to get something out of your meetings
H- Holy Sabbath. Keep it holy
U- Unity. 
R- Respect/ Reverance Respect those who are teaching. They where called by God.
C- Covenant Remember your baptism covenant during the sacrament 
H- Holy Ghost 

He says that this chruch loves its teenagers. Because a  teenager said a prayer we have this gospel back on the Earth. 
- John Bytheway -The best 3 hrs

I love y'all so much. I hope y'all have a wonderful week. Have the best day of your entire life.

Be strong and know that Heavenly Father and  Jesus Christ are there for you. They are just there waiting for you to open the door. 

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