Saturday, March 26, 2016

Remember Him!

Hey Y'all, 
Well this week has been a little different.
So just to say on Monday we went down town and I got a Savannah T-Shirt. And after that we went and ate at the Trailer Park. (Just to say we asked a tour guide where a cheap place was and he told us here. Just to say it wasn't cheap.) But I got a bacon apple pie sandwich. It was so good. 
After that we went to the church where they where playing Nerf gun wars. It was fun to watch. Well after words we went shopping. 
Tuesday was fun. Sister Dietz and I woke up at 6 o'clock and decorated the entire place for Sister Poynter's Birthday. It was so much fun. Just to say at District meeting we had fun decortating the place because it was Elder Benesh's Birthday as well. So we made it work. 
Well after words we played a game then went to lunch. After words we went to Savannah and saw a few people and then came back for dinner at a members for Sister P's birthday. We saw a few people after that and then we had Cake at Lauren's house. Just to say their dog just wanted to play with me the entire time. It was so cute. 
Wednesday was a weird day. We only saw a few people. It must have been spring break or something( it was). There was no one home. But at least we got to see a few people before the day ended. 
Thursday Sister Poynter got sick. So luckly we where doing Weekly planning. WE did it today because we where going to be in Savannah but in Savannah on St. Patrick's Day is the worst. So it was perfect. 
Well just to say while i was waiting for Sister Dietz to get back from Exchanges I started watching the church movies. Just to say I got to the Christmas Movies. It was going to be a very long day. Also we had house inspections as well. It was so crazy. Well I didn't have a green shirt so I put green ribbon and then Sister Dietz saw me and said I could wear one of her green shirts.
After a while Sister Dietz went out with a member and saw a few people. Well Sister Poynter went to sleep and I went and started watching the District video's. I got so bored. Well just to say it is hard to have a companion sick and there is nothing you can do. 
Friday came and we where able to go out. I was so happy to step outside and get some fresh air. Well just to say we went out and taught a few lessons. And then after words helped someone load up a moving truck. Yep mom I was in the truck organizing everything. Making sure everything will fit in there. It was fun. brought memorizes when my family moved from Utah to Nebraska then back to Utah. But it was worth the help. 
After words we went out with a member to see a few people. 
We saw a member who is less active. She was so sweet. She said she had been really tired because she cleaned her floors all day and she still had one room left. We told her we could come and help and she agreed.
Saturday we came with our jeans and T-Shirts to help. When we knocked at the door she said she was joking but we still told her that we  where ready to serve. So she let us in and we cleaned the last room for her. After that we went to a ward activity. After that we went and tried a few people. We had a Cottage meeting with the Creeks and taught a wonderful lesson after words. 
Well The moment you all have been waiting for. We had the Transfer call.... And I am Staying in Pooler and I will be getting a new companion tomorrow. 
Sunday I spoke in Church. A crazy thing happened. A member had a little heart attack and we had to pause Sacrament meeting for a bit. This all happened during Sister Poynter's talk. Then she finished and then I got up. Some how at the end of my talk I slipped in about my experience about how I knew that families can be together forever. 
After Church we found out the member is doing alright and that he was coming home from the hospital. 
After words we went and saw a few people and then we went to the church and had an easter Celebration.  It was wonderful. After that we saw a few more people before bedtime. 

So this morning the Elders came to our place and just to say they came to the door and asked if they can wash their hands. Just to say I had just gotten out of the shower and I put on my clothes really fast( my PJ's) and they put mud all over our car. And then we took pictures after words. But it was very funny at the end. 

Thought this week. 
The Atonement Applies to All of Us.
Isiah 1:18
 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

I hope all of us remember what the true meaning of Easter is. I sure hope you have a wonderful week. I love y'all so much. Thanks for all you do. 

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