Monday, March 14, 2016

A fun week: Charlie, 14 March 2016

Well Hey y'all, 
Well this week was super fun!! I can't wait to tell y'all all about it. 
Well Monday we just had a full day to ourselves. We went shopping and we had a wonderful lesson in the evening. We went to the Yates and taught the Recent convert lessons to their granddaughter. It was so much fun. After words we taught Spiritual CPR. I learned an amazing object lesson from Salt Lake that I just loved. So we did an object lesson. 
Tuesday we went out teaching. We walked to our first place before lunch. Just to say it was great to walk. It felt so good. Well we got to a lesson and N_____ was talking to us about her church and how she hated it. When I told her about ours; she got so excited when she found out we take the sacrament every week. In her own words "Au____ I think we found us a new Church" It was so cool! I just wanted to scream but I couldn't just yet. Well they told us to come back that night because we had some where to go. Well just to say we came back with Lauren and N____ just loved her. She even posted on Facebook about us and her of how she has found the church she wants to join. 
I couldn't even believe it. I was doing a happy dance inside. 
Wednesday we went to Savannah and saw some amazing people. Just to say there was one place that it felt like I was in 150 + weather. I thought I was going to die in their house. Just to say I set out side and felt so much better. Well after dinner we headed back to Pooler and had an amazing lesson with J___. I did the first vision part in the lesson and recited Joseph's experience. After I did that J___ looked at me and said that is so cool that I have that memorized. Just to say the spirit was so strong in the room while we shared our testimony of the Book of Mormon. 
Thursday we had our Zone Training Meeting. Just to say I gave a training and thought things where great. I had wonderful plans and all of the sudden.... President and Sister Cottle walked in and I was just a nervous wreck.But things went well. I was so happy that I was able to the things I needed. 
Well after words we tried a few people then had dinner then we went to some less actives which they wanted to meet some people in the ward(those around their age.) That is what we did and it was just the best. 
Friday we had our fun amazing Weekly Planning. Just to say we had another investigator L___ who told us that she wants to join our church. Just to say we did a happy dance in our home. we couldn't believe it. We where so excited.  After dinner we went out with a member and tried a few people. Also I hit my 13 month mark. This is so crazy to think I been out for so long. Time sure does go by so fast. 
Saturday we went to a Stake Relief Society Food Storage Fair. It was so much fun. They had wonderful ideas and all the food they made was from food storage. I loved it. After that we went to see a few more people before dinner. Just to say we taught a lesson to the Creeks with 7 missionaries. Just to say it went great. But how ever when it got to mine turn to talk about Joseph Smith's experience I got a little emotional. Which has never happened ever before but I know that the spirit was in the room and was touching those around me. 
After dinner we went out and taught a few more lessons. They truly where the best. We taught about Testimonies. Which where amazing. 
Sunday we went to Savannah again and we went to see a lot of people. Just to day we had 11 lessons. It was just the best. I loved every sec. We just had a fun time in Savannah. After we did our call ins we went and played Apples to Apples. It was so much fun. I really enjoyed it. Then we went and got ready for bed. 
This is what I read in my studies this morning and it was so amazing! 
"Success is not about how much money you make or how many medals you win or how much fame you achieve. The objective of our existence is to gain light." Elder Lawrence :The Light of the Perfect Day- March 2016 Ensign 

Well I love y'all so much. Thanks for all y'all do. Well I hope y'all have a wonderful week. I can't wait to talk to y'all next week. 
Also transfers are coming up. Find out Saturday of who leaves or stays. 
Have the best day of your entire life. 
By the way pollen is back in Georgia. When you wake up there is the fun yellow stuff on your cars. Well talk y'all later. 


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