Monday, March 7, 2016

Big News!!!! It's a trio... Charlie 7 March 2016

Hey all Y'all, 
Well this week has been super exciting!! Well just to say I can't believe time is flying by so fast. 
SO to start out with the week! 
Monday we did our shopping and I walked by some easter candy and had to get me some mini eggs! (I was thinking of you mom) 
We went and had dinner with a member. Sorry I forgot to say Happy Leap Day! It was a pretty good day. 
Tuesday we had our fun District meeting. After District meeting I looked at the phone and saw that we had a missed call from President Cottle. Just to say my heart was beating so fast. 
So we called him back and he said that there was a transfer going on. Just to say I am in a Trio now!! My 4th one. I am so excited! Well my newest Companion is Sister Dietz! She is truly amazing! She has been out for a transfer less then I have. So 11 months! She almost hits her year mark! She is from Utah! The Cool thing is I served with her in the Macon Zone. I couldn't believe that we finally got to be companions. 
So we went up to Savannah and picked her up then came back to Pooler. President told us that we are Covering Savannah and Pooler. (So mom I do get to serve in Savannah!) Well that night we went and saw a few people with Lauren! It was so much fun. 
Wednesday we went out and saw a few people. Just to say it is so cool to be in a trio. We got to teach Charles inside with no problem. We also put him on date to be baptized in the next couple of months. 
Then we went down to Savannah at the Armstrong college and taught an amazing girl there. 
Then we went back to pooler and taught a few more  lessons till we had our mission correlation. 
It was a wonderful evening. 
Thursday we had our weekly planning! It was so much fun planning for 2 Areas in just a couple of hours. Also before Weekly planning we had a lesson with K___. It was really good that we where there. We where able to have the Elders come and give her a blessing. It was just the best! After weekly planning we helped a member with packing. Just to say I have had my shares with Packing. They truly are the best! Also Missionaries are so experienced with packing she called us for help. After dinner we went to Savannah and had an amazing lesson with P______. We introduce the plan of Salvation with him. 
Friday we had a fun 3 hour drive to Macon for Mission Leadership Counsel. Just to say Sister Dietz was a Sister Training Leader in her Zone and so we got pulled into it as well. Also we cover the sisters for the Savannah East and West Zones. Pretty cool right?
Well just to say it was a little sad to walk into the Macon building. Just all the memories I had in there for District meetings, ward activities, etc. 
But things went great! I got to see Sister Foster and so many people that I have gotten to serve around. Just to say it was a really good meeting and I can't wait to tell the missionaries what President Cottle wants them to learn. Then we drove home and got to see a Less active family and talked about faith. It was a lot of fun. 
Saturday we had a fun day. We had an amazing lesson with Ms. Marget. We brought a member who she adores. Then we just went out finding people to teach until dinner. We had a lesson with Penny and then she came out with us for the rest of the evening to teach people. Just to say she is a great member. She told us when we go back that she wants to come back with us. Just to say that is so cool! 
Sunday we went and had an amazing day of spiritual food. Then we went off after church we went out teaching. Just to say it was so much fun. Focusing on the work made me not thinking about how long I had left of the fast. It came to the time to end the fast and I felt just wonderful. Also at dinner we each had our very own tub of ice cream. It was just the best! 
After dinner we had a member come out with us to see some more people to try. We met some interesting people along the way. There was a family that say us and then said" Stranger Danger" It made us laugh in the car. Then we tried a few more people and then said a prayer in the car and there was a guy standing outside of it and we talked to him for a bit. It was cool and scarey at the same time. He told us to come back during the day time when there are kids out playing and when we can park the car and walk the place and talk to people. It was so funny. 
Well just to say crazy things are happening! Well Also Saturday I hit the Mark that most missionaries look forward to. 6 months left. Just to say I am filled with fixed emotions. There are times I can't wait to go home and there are times I don't' want to. I Just want to stay on the field.
2 Nephi 1:23
Awake, my sons; put on the armor of righteousness. Shake off the chains with which ye are bound, and come forth out of obscurity, and arise from the dust.
I y'all have a wonderful week. 
I sure do love you and wish the best of luck for y'all. 
Have the best day of your entire life.

Be the kind of person that when your feet hit the floor; the devil says "Crud she's (he's) awake.

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