Monday, May 18, 2015

Sister Bitty Bug at the MTC

I got a letter from Charlie today.  She is doing great and enjoying the MTC.  She didn't email today so I'm guessing today isn't her p-day.  She is serving in a trio and loving it.  One of her friends from High School, Micah Lloyd, entered the MTC on the same day and is also headed to the Georgia Macon Mission.  She has also been reunited with several girls from North Sanpete: Emily Johansen and Maurine Oldroyd (another Fountain Green girl).
There will be 4 Sister missionaries traveling to the Georgia Macon Mission and 1 elder and 2 elders headed to the Georgia Atlanta North Mission.  Charlie is VERY excited.  She leaves on Monday.

Her address at the MTC is:  Sister CharLynn McCulloch
                                             May 25    GA-MAC
                                             2007 N 900 E   Unit 96
                                             Provo, Utah 84602

She thinks it's funny that she's just a few blocks from her Uncle Seth and Aunt Tina

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