Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving Miracles

Oh my goodness! What a crazy busy exciting week!

Monday-we did crafts with the  Harrisburg Sisters, and with one of our
members! We made cute snowman, and Christmas trees! It was lots of
fun! Our night was full of finding and trying to find the elect! No
success yet but soon to come!

Tuesday- all of our appointments fell through but our night was ended
with a Knock the ball out of the park lesson with our investigator
Zadih.  He is rock solid! After I opened up with a prayer he turned to
me and he asked me if I was still in high school and when I responded
that I am graduated from college, he said "Dang! How old are you!?" To
my response was 22! :) he was shocked with how old I was and said I
looked 17, it was just completely hilarious! It was such a grest
lesson because we was really engaged and had really good

Wednesday was our last district meeting as a district! Yay, that Means
it's transfer time! We find out this weekend who leaves and who stays,
I feel that there will be some changes made!
Today we helped cook for our cottage meeting/thanksgiving dinner we
were going to have with our less active, recent converts and
investigators! It was a great turn out! Our spiritual lesson was about
gratitude, we asked everyone to say stuff they were grateful for,
everyone has special unique things they were grateful for. As for me I
was grateful that we have been given the plan of Salvation in knowing
that we can live with out families again!

Thursday- It was Thanksgiving!! Our day was full of so much
adventure!!  In the morning we helped the bakers decorate there house
and Christmas trees in there home. They have a tree that is called the
snowflake tree and it has.

Best part of thanksgiving was the deep fried turkey, at our second
meal the member took us outside and we watched them deep fried the
turkey. It was sooo good but, definitely not healthy but, we are in
the south!! Every in the south is fried! I will probably continue to
fry my turkey when I get home though! :).

Friday we got our real Christmas tree from the mountains!! We were so
excited!! We put it in the back seat of our car because we couldn't
strap it to the hood. As we got to our apartment we opened the car and
my companion yelled "there is a lizard in our car!!" I ran over to see
and screamed as well, it wasn't even moving but, it had four legs,
could move and could have jumped. We pulled the tree out and shook it,
the lizard came out and ran away. If that got in our place, I would
have died!!

Saturday we got to skip studies and we Painted a house instead. I was
a little upset because I love studies! But we did service so I guess
that makes up for it!   In the afternoon we Almost got in a car
accident, which was terrifying. But, God was with us and protected us
from it happening! The drivers here are insane and don't signal or
wait for cars to pass! Not much happened today, a lot of our
appointments fell though. The one lesson we had was with a less active
part member family. The mom is the member and the husband hates us.
She told us that we couldn't come back anymore because her husband
doesn't like us coming over. She was really sad and almost started to
cry. It was horrible, and I wanted to cry for her!

Sunday, it is always the best! We had a member home lesson and a solid
family came to church. After sacrament meeting one of the ward
missionaries came up to us and said congrats on bringing a family to
church, we had no idea what they were talking about. We went and met
them and they came from Haiti a couple months ago and were told to
come to the LDS church, they loved it and are planning on coming back!
We are excited for them! For dinner a member had her nail lady and her
kids over and we shared a message with them about the plan of
salvation. There dad passed away about a year ago so I could relate
with them perfectly and I definitely wasn't shy about the tears coming
out either! It was a Powerful plan of salvation lesson! One of my

Scripture of the Week: 3 Nephi 12:44 LOVE EVERYONE!!

Quote of the week:
"If our lives and our faith are centered on Jesus Christ and his
restored gospel, nothing can ever go permanently wrong. On the other
hand, if. Our lives are not centered on the Savior and his teachings
no other success can ever be permanently right." -President Howard W.

I love you all so much!! Thank you for your love and support
throughout my mission!!

Sister Kallie McCulloch

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