Monday, December 28, 2015

Better than camping in tents: Kallie- December 7th

This week was intense!! Better than camping in tents! ;) So, on to my
journey of reasons why!

Tuesday: Miracles Miracles Miracles!!!
Today we decided to go to uptown charlotte and teach people on the
street with our district, we Met Madison, he is GREAT!!!! He says that
he is looking for joy in his life, he quit smoking and drinking
because he thinks its dumb! So we are hoping to see what happens in
the near future!! We also met this man named Mark, he came up and
asked us if we would pray with him. we then asked him if he would want
to make more changes in his life and come closer to him and he desires
it and wants to, I know that he has a great future ahead of him, the
only problem is that at the moment he is homeless which is hard for
him. Best part about today was that we met a Cop, he came up to our
booth and smiled at us and asked for Book of Mormon, like are you for
real?!  It was the best thing ever, we loved it!

Wednesday:  Today S. Vos didn't really feel good so we went to Ihop!
As we were leaving a really good song came on and well, I started to
dance and I didn't know I was dancing until the waitress said
something to me! She said  "oh I see you dancing, you shake it girl!"
I just stood frozen in my place not knowing what to do!

Thursday: We had a meeting at the church at night with our Ward
Missionaries. I was grabbing my bag so we could go and a HUGE bug came
out of my bag. I screamed and jumped clear in the air, I was
completely terrified and scared out of my wits! Everyone else in the
room jumped and wondered why I was screaming! It was so terrifying! on
a less frightening note, we were coming home and we had somebody pass
us super fast over a double line and we said "I hope you get pulled
over!" We were reaching a red light and the man flew right through the
light, all of a sudden a cop came out of nowhere and we heard the
tires screech from underneath it! All of a sudden the lights came on
and the fellow in the vehicle was being pulled over!!!

Friday: Today we had Zone meeting and my companion and I had the
privilege and the opportunity to train about companionship unity and
about language and how we need to use dignified language! I thought it
went great! Before the  training we were sitting there preparing and
well, President Alexander and his wife walked in. WE were both in a
panic because well, president doesn't come to Zone Meeting, just
Conference. He wanted to come and see us and see how we would do. I
had fear from the beginning of the training but as we went and started
it was so much easier to go with the flow and trust in the spirit!

Saturday: Today was a very interesting day! We went to uptown
Charlotte to show the Christmas video! We met some great people and
some not so great people! I will start out with my favorite
experience! I met this wonderful lady Nikki! She is homeless, but at
the time, I wasn't aware. We started talking and having a conversation
about Christ, which led into watching the video and transitioning into
the Book of Mormon and the restoration! She was super excited! As we
sat there for a couple minutes verses from Alma 36 came Into my head
and I started to testify of Gods love for her! She started to cry,
which in return I started to cry as well. The spirit was so powerful
and so strong! We talked for a good hour about her family, religious
background and many other things missionaries talk about! She kept
thanking me for coming and visiting with her, and that one day she
hopes to be baptized!!

Experience number 2! I met this man named Jim. He is homeless as well,
at least I think. I was talking with the Sisters From Harrisburg and
this man walks over and shakes the hands of the Elders and then starts
to hug them. As we watched him go down the line, I realized he was
getting closer and that I was next in line, i couldn't escape and run
because he hand was already stretched out. He shook my hand and said
"I know  you!!" And to my reply was "Well, it was probably in heaven!"
He laughed, smiled and then reached to hug me. I was mortified as he
was squeezing the breath right out of me. The sisters were laughing
and he stopped hugging me and went towards S. Buckner and hugged her
as well as her companion. It was so awkward! Then he came back to me
and poked my face and said "I really know you, I've known you ever
since you were a baby!" I didn't know what to do or say!

Transfer news!!  I AM STAYING IN MATTHEWS!! S. Vos is leaving and is
heading out to a new area.  She is NOT happy about it and was positive
that she would be staying the rest of her mission. Well, God has
another plan for her, the main hing is just trusting in God. This is
HIS time not OUR time!!!!

Sunday: Today was interesting! We spent the time saying goodbye to
people for S. Vos and then went tracking with one of our members! We
kept getting rejection after rejection and she said that we weren't
leaving until we had success. Right after that we found 2 people who
answered there doors and let us in share a message with them! I loved
it so much, our member was the best and was inspired on where we
should go and who we should see!

Quote of the Week: We are overcome by the “cares … of this life” when
we are paralyzed by fear of the future, which hinders our going
forward in faith, trusting in God and His promises" - Elder Dallin H.

Scripture of the Week; Alma 33:4-8 Continue to trust in God and Always
praying for you! ALWAYS!!!

I sure love you all and am grateful for the chance to serve the Lord
and bring souls unto Christ!

Have a blessed day and week!!

Sister Kallie McCulloch

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