Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hey Y'all 

Well this week has been super fun. 
Monday of course it was p day. Well every monday a member feeds us!! Also they do the Sonic Milk Shake mondays for us. So it is pretty good!! Also we got a cake from a member to welcome us sisters in. Which was really good. I really enjoyed it. 
Tuesday it was District meeting. Well just to say every week each missionary does a training because we are so small. but super okay with that too!! 
Well today we had a lesson with Jacquline and it was a wonderful lesson. She had so many questions for us. We totally chanced our lesson plans. I love that when it happens like that. 
It was an amazing lesson. She had questions about the prophet and we were able to have her pull up a Mormon message about it. I love how the church has great videos for others to watch. 

Well every other week we help with the church and help do the Food Truck. So that was super fun. Helping those members who need that food and getting it into their areas. The one thing that is super cool is that the members love coming out with us Sisters. 
Well just to say we had our book of Mormon class and finished the Isiah Chapters!! Sometimes those are hard to explain but we did it. 

Thursday we helped a less active with a moving truck. we unloaded everything out of the truck for her. She was so grateful. (Ashley)
Later that day we heard the Ice Cream truck and my companions rule is if we see if we have to stop by it. So we where walking and the truck stops right by us. Which was super cool. Also the neat thing is that we where able to talk with a less active member while eating our ice cream then she invited us in so we could talk some more. It was super cool!! 
The lord puts things in our path for a reason. 

Well we did some more service with Ashley we organized her things because they where going to have a yard sale because her parents are moving and she is moving with. So we called the elders again to see if they want to help her again. So we spent a pretty good amount of doing service. 

Well we helped Ashley with her yard Sale. She was doing great. Lots of people were coming and just loved the stuff she was selling. 
We went out with a member and on the way back from our appointment we had Peach Ice Cream. It was so good!! 

Sunday was super good. The talks focused a lot of pioneer work. The Primary kids song their songs about pioneers. It made me smile. 

Well hope everyone had an amazing week. Thanks for all you do. I love ya! Pray for you every day!! 

Mosiah 2:17 When you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your god!!

Have the best day of your entire life. 

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