Monday, April 13, 2015

Wild Ride for Bitty Bug and a Scary Bug for Sissy

Charlie emailed me this morning saying that she is in a new area...her 3rd.  Her papers are in and her call should arrive at the mission office around May 3rd or 4th so she wants everyone to start guessing.  You can email me your guesses of where she will be serving for the rest of her mission. She is thrilled that she "passed" and is able to continue serving.  I had no doubt whatsoever that she would be able to handle a mission, severe learning disability or not.  Jack, Maddie, Jesse, Ben, Kaloni, and the babies and President Horsely and I have been invited to attend the opening of her call in Sandy.   STOKED!!!!!   This is such exciting news.
One of the members of her new area sent me a picture of Charlie and her new companions:

Doesn't Bitty Bug look great?!!!   Her companions are Sister Williams from Pennsylvania and Sister Goldwathe from Arizona.  Both are from big families like is #3 of 8 and the other is #9 of 9.  Such darling girls!~

Sissy met up with a nasty bug last week.

Funny Moment of the Week:
Last night Sister Messegee and I had a dealing with a bug and it was so scary and here the story goes. We got back from our apartment last night around 9 after we had weekly planning we were getting ready for bed and Sister Messegee was brushing her teeth she came out of the bathroom and she saw a bug on the wall by our bedroom door. She told me that I had to kill it, and if you know me I don't kill bugs, and well she was insisting that I kill it! I wouldn't even touch it with a
29.5 foot pole! Bleh gross!! But well I puffed out my chest and tried to kill it. instead of a 29.5 foot pole I used a broom. (Close enough right) well anyways I try killing it with the bristles and it crawls or I should say runs down the wall behind the door panel and I freaked! With a panic look on my face I told her that it went behind the door.  Sister Messegee had to get on a chair to see for herself.. she saw the ends of its legs and started to pound on the wall. Oh great she done did make the bug mad, maybe it was his bedtime and that was where he slept. Where the grouch of a bug came out and it jetted out like a bottle rocked straight towards her.. Keep in mind that by this time it was around 10:20 and well we were screaming, and our neighbors were sleeping.  It was chasing Sister Messegee around the room like a lost puppy dog and she was wailing and screaming and well as for me I was laughing so hard on my bed I was crying. It was the ugliest bug I have ever seen! I added a photo so you could see and witness it for yourself! 

I can just see this.  And can Sissy scream!!!  I hope they were able to find that creature and put it out of it's misery.  Sorry, Mom, but putting this thing outside would NOT be the humane thing to do...Zoology major or not.  :)

Here is some more from Kallie's email from last week:
- We have once again been sharing "Because He Lives" and if you haven't yet watched it, please do! It will change your life, I promise! And take the challenge given in the end to find him. Because he truly is everywhere!! Cry out to Him, Sing out and Shout out! He will here you, why? BECAUSE HE LIVES!!! 
-We found five new investigators this week!! 2 Families and we are so excited!!! We get to see both families tomorrow! (Tuesday) Keep them in your prayers if you would! 

She sounds great and seems to be doing well.  I am so proud of her.  She is in a tough area...I'm sure her dad could totally relate.  There's something about the South, but finer people you will not find anywhere!
Sister Messegee and Sister Sissy
Sissy looks happy.  :)

It is such a blessing having 3 sister missionaries out!  I am so proud of my girls!

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