Monday, April 13, 2015

Fear no man, Fear no bug

What a week, what a week! 

Nothing really happened this week other than finding and more finding. We have a family on baptism date though, I don't remember if I mentioned that or not, but they are a pretty interesting family. We went and saw them this week and well.. the mom didn't seem to interested and neither did the other three daughters, but there is one daughter who seems interested. Her name is Brittany, and she is the media referral, she requested a bible so we came back with a bible and talked a little bit about the Book of Mormon and she gladly accepted a Book of Mormon. She has been reading and seems to be talking things seriously. She is literally just a doll and so adorable! We are focusing on her a lot because she seems as if she has some potential! :D 

We met with a less active member and at the end of our lesson she asked us if we wanted to see her brother, she said that he isn't a member and she has asked about us and he said that he has been going through some rough things and wanted to know why we as Mormons are so happy. Well, Sit down and lets talk! We are really excited and are hoping this will come through, we have had people really close to baptism and then they go off the deep end and say that they don't want us back which is hard and sometimes very discouraging. But I guess its all in Gods hands and we have to cherish the moments that he gives us, Its all up to him! Sometimes we are only there to plant seeds and that's all we can do. 

Here's a quote "There is no growth in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in the growth zone." I can testify of it's truthfulness. I have grown so much on this mission and sometimes things can be awkward, awkward things can occur but you can't grow unless you embrace the awkward. Here is the most awkward thing that happened this week. Hold on to your seats! We were meeting with another less active who is home bound and she has some man inside and walked to the kitchen without saying hello, he came out with a needle and handed it to her, she pointed it towards me and I flinched. She smiled picked up her shirt and stabbed it into her skin, I was shocked and totally scared for my life. After she was done injecting herself with whatever she injected herself with she continued to leave her shirt up and didn't pull it back down, it was a little distracting and well... it was just awkward, my companion and I had no idea what to do so we taught the lesson as fast as we could and then left. #Embracetheawkward. 

The bug has finally been eliminated! It was a week of fearing for my life, sleeping with one eye open and watching where I stepped. I felt as if time to time it was mocking me because I would see something on the ground and think it was the bug and start screaming. I had several partial heart attacks and panic moments. But the story boiled down to its life ending. One Wednesday morning as I was getting ready for the day, I saw out of the corner of my eye something coming towards me, it was the demon bug and I jumped from crossed legs to huddled in the corner on my bed screaming for Sister Messegee to save me. She was not going to come out and kill it for me.she said I had to kill it, or trap it and wait for her to come out and kill it. Are you kidding me? I have to wait 20 minutes for this creepy crawling monster to die.  It was inching slowly towards me and I felt my life flash before my eyes, I was in a sweat and my hear was beating so fast It was crawling as if it was to go under my bed, yeah no way was I going to let it get under my bed. I don't want it sleeping under me. So I decided to take the chance and squish it. I yelled as I slammed a book on it. Its life was over and victory was mine! I couldn't believe I killed it. As I pondered on the terrifying experience I pondered back on what the word fear meant. :to fear man, mortal dangers, pain and evil is to be afraid of such things and to dread them, well that fit my description and definition perfectly. I feared for my life. I came with an analogy, "Fear no Man, Fear no Bug" If I can conquer bugs I can conquer investigators and people we come in contact with. I have no need to fear!! 

Sorry this email is so short. Not much happen, I love ya'll and hope you have an amazing week!! God Bless!!

Love your Favorite Sister McCulloch (from the South)

Sissy has always had a thing for BIG sunglasses.  Such pretty girls!

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