Wednesday, August 3, 2016

JAZLYN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! Charlie, 1 August 2016

One of the new elders sent to Albany is one of Jack's best friends from elementary school, Wes Oldroyd.  His older sister was one of Charlie's best friends.  She said it's like serving with Jack, although Wes isn't quite as obnoxious.  :)

Hey all Y'all,
Well this week was so amazing. So just to say we set goals to work towards every week. Guess what? Sister Walker and I got 8/9. So close! We just needed a few more investigators at Church. But it was super amazing!!! 
So we had a Baptism this week which was so amazing. Back story on her... She had been coming to Church for 2 years and someone finally told the missionaries that she wasn't a member. She is amazing. She is so far the only member in her family. Her Mom and her younger sister are on a different date. They are getting close as well. 

One cool thing that happened Yesterday!!!! The Bishop comes up to me after church and says this little girl who is 9 or 10 who hasn't been baptized yet. And she really wants to! Just when Sister Walker walks by a little girl she comes up and says" I'm getting baptized and the bishop told me to come talk to you." It was so cute and funny all at the same time. Just to say her dad is a member. She is 10 and wasn't able to get baptized because her dad had cancer. She really wanted her dad to baptize her. The spirit was so strong in the room as he told us about it. Well just to say she really wanted to get baptized the next day. We told her she had to wait at least 3 weeks. She was a little sad but agreed to it. So we have her on date for August 20!! I can't wait. 

Just to say Saturday before the baptism we went out updating Referrals.. One of the referrals was very interesting. He came out gave a side hug to Sister Walker and then gave her a Kiss on the cheek. I was praying so hard in my heart that he would not give me one. Just to say he was drunk and we where the only white people(girls) around. Just to say we had another referral right next to his house. We are going to try back another time.  

Also we have more Elders serving in Albany GA... Just to say Book of Mormon class felt so big because of the 4 Elders and 2 Sisters. We may have to get a bigger room soon!! But Hey it was so cool!!   

Thought from my Studies: I was reading a General Conference talk this morning and it was just the best. It really helped me out. 
Humility is essential to gain the blessings of the gospel. Humility enables us to have broken hearts when we sin or make mistakes and makes it possible for us to repent. Humility enables us to be better parents, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, neighbors and friends.
On the other hand, unnecessary pride can dissolve family relationships, break up marriages, and destroy friendships. It is especially important to remember humility when you feel contention rising in your home. Think of all the heartache you can avoid by humbling yourself to say, “I’m sorry”; “That was inconsiderate of me”; “What would you like to do?”; “I just wasn’t thinking”; or “I’m very proud of you.” If these little phrases were humbly used, there would be less contention and more peace in our homes. -Be Thou Humble By Elder Steven E. Snow
I Sure do hope y'all have a wonderful week. I sure do love all Y'all. 
Also I got a package from my amazing Sister Lonnie!! She is the best!! Got it right before the baptism!! Made my afternoon!! 
I Just love being a missionary. I just wish I could go on forever and ever. But I know that when I get home I will still be a missionary but not with a name tag. 
I hope y'all have the best day of your entire life.

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